The Babysitter and the 10 best horror movies to watch on Netflix on Halloween 2019

Photo: The Babysitter.. Image Courtesy Tony Rivetti Jr., SMPSP/Netflix
Photo: The Babysitter.. Image Courtesy Tony Rivetti Jr., SMPSP/Netflix /
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3. The Babysitter

Man, do I love this bloody, brutal, teen horror comedy! A Netflix original, it released on the streaming platform in October of 2017, and Netflix recently announced an upcoming sequel.

One can only hope that Samara Weaving (Ready or Not, Mayhem) will return, because the relationship between her character Bee and that of 12-year-old Cole (Judah Lewis) is the heart of The Babysitter. Bee is the title character, and while Cole is a little old for a babysitter, at least Bee is cool (and hot as well).

When Cole’s parents leave for an overnight trip, Cole and Bee bond over fun activities. Cole’s friend Melanie (Emily Alyn Lind) has teased him in saying Bee probably invites her friends over and parties after he turns in for the night, so he sneaks out to check to see if there is any truth to what Melanie has said.

He sees Bee with a few of her friends playing a game of Spin the Bottle, but things get crazy when a newcomer suddenly becomes a blood sacrifice. You see, Bee and her pals are part of a demonic cult, and they intend to use Cole’s virgin blood to manifest their chosen demon.

The dialogue is snappy and funny, and the cast is great. If you get squeamish at the sight of blood, be aware that it sprays copiously in one particular scene, but if you can handle the red stuff, you will enjoy the fun romp that is The Babysitter.