The Last Drive-In is back with Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny

Photo: The Last Drive-In returns for Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny.. Image Courtesy Shudder
Photo: The Last Drive-In returns for Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny.. Image Courtesy Shudder /

Get ready to finally get your fix of Joe Bob and Darcy when they return for a Halloween triple-feature, “Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny.”

A Halloween Hootenanny? Can I get a YEEHAW?! Halloween is fast approaching, you guys, and with it comes a new special featuring our favorite down south daddy, Joe Bob Briggs. We have been in a Joe Bob vacuum since season one of The Last Drive-In ended.

Our horror viewings have been without snappy commentary and Darcy’s fantastic costume changes.  However, you don’t have to wait long because they are both headed back to your screens and straight into your eye holes with Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny.

According to the press release, this event is only mere weeks away. Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny is set to premier on Shudder on October 25th at 9pm ET/6pm PT. This event will feature three movies with Halloween themes (maybe) that are either hidden away gems or classic Halloween fare…or both…or none. You know how Joe Bob is, we won’t know anything until 5 minutes before the movie actually starts and that’s exactly how we like it.

This whole idea was birthed as they searched for movies for the upcoming second season of The Last Drive-In. When they saw these films, they knew that Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny had to happen and boy, are we ever grateful. Joe Bob had this to say about the new Halloween triple-feature:

"“As we were preparing for Season 2 of The Last Drive-In, we unearthed three forgotten gems that are all Halloween-themed and decided it was time for a Halloween Hootenanny. Or maybe I’m lying about that and we’re programming three iconic Halloween favorites. Or maybe we’re counter-programming with flicks that have absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. The great thing about spending October 25 with us is that, as Forrest Gump says, you never know what you’re gonna get. What we can promise is a) I will be ridiculously nerdy about horror, and b) Darcy the Mail Girl will probably disagree with me. It’s great to be back. I missed Shudder and the Shudder faithful.”"

Thanks, Joe Bob, that was super informative and not at all cryptic or confusing about what is to come in this special event (insert blank look). REGARDLESS, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are just happy that Joe Bob and Darcy will be back and we can come together as fellow horror fans and nerd out about horror movies and Halloween while we eat our weight in candy corn and pumpkin spice everything…and I mean EVERYTHING. I literally saw pumpkin spice goat cheese, so one of you horror fans make a cheese plate for everyone!

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If you miss Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny, it will be available on demand closer to Halloween, just like The Last Drive-In and his past marathons. Get your fun size chocolates ready, because it’s about to get spooky!

Are you excited for Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny? What movies do you want to see in the special? Let us know in the comments!