Ultimate Halloween: From the Mind of Christine McConnell episode 3

Photo: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.. Image Courtesy Netflix /

From the Mind of Christine McConnell returns and she sets her sights on creating an eerie and beautiful Halloween centerpiece.

Halloween decorating is hard and I mean it. Sure, it’s easy to toss some bones in the yard, hang something on your door and throw some lights at your windows but creating a beautiful, creepy and cohesive Halloween display is really difficult. Well, if you want to see how one is created, the mistress of crafting has done it again in episode three of From the Mind of Christine McConnell.

I am a terrible crafter and it isn’t for lack of trying. I attempt to make cool Halloween decor but it always ends up looking like a big hot black and orange mess with some glitter tossed on it. Not everyone can have the immense talent that Christine McConnell has. First, she made a boring pull-out couch into a gorgeous heirloom and then she created one of the most beautiful gingerbread houses I’ve ever seen. Now, she tackles Halloween.

If you’re like me and Christine, you have certain Halloween decor out all year long. So, watching a video like this not only teaches you how to create seasonal decor, but amazing home decor as well!

For this episode’s featured project, Christine wants to create a standout centerpiece featuring a large antique birdcage. Her goal is to add to the cage without damaging the integrity so it could be passed down with or without the added spookiness.

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On the perch she created an intricate and beautifully realistic creepy bat with light up eyes. Just watching her add the fur layer by layer made me realize my own impatience. I can see 10 minutes in, a beautiful few layers and then a puddle of glue and hair clippings. Not only did she create a bat, but she created two fuzzy spiders for the outside and a gorgeous light up terrarium on the bottom of the cage.

The centerpiece is huge and just stunning. From the Mind of Christine McConnell posts once a month but if you donate to her patreon, you get an extra episode a month. If that didn’t convince you to join, also know that she donated that entire bat cage piece to a patreon donor. That was added at the end of the video and may have been the biggest surprise of them all.

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Subscribe to From the Mind of Christine McConnell on YouTube to keep up to date with her videos. I cannot wait to see what kind of decor or projects she tackles as the holiday season continues on.

What is your favorite project she is done so far? What do you hope to see on the show? Sound off in the comments!