The Purge: A survivor update from Season 2, Episode 2

THE PURGE -- "Everything is Fine" Episode 202 -- Pictured: Jaren Mitchell as Doug Vargas -- (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)
THE PURGE -- "Everything is Fine" Episode 202 -- Pictured: Jaren Mitchell as Doug Vargas -- (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network) /
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The Purge
THE PURGE — “Everything is Fine” Episode 202 — Pictured: Max Martini as Ryan Grant — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network) /


Ryan and his crew were the ones involved with the bank heist. They wound up raking in about $200,000. It sounds like a lot but split between everyone’s kids, house mortgages, and other expenses, it’s not what they were hoping for. Unfortunately, things get worse when the cops arrive to arrest Tommy, the crew member who made the mistake of going back in for the other bag of money.

Tommy’s arrest pushes group morale to a breaking point. Ryan’s pals are out. Every Purge night comes with a greater risk. But Ryan has his own reasons for needing money. We find out he has a mother in a nursing home. She has Alzheimers or dementia, as she doesn’t recognize Ryan.

We leave off with Ryan after he delivers Tommy’s share of money to his wife. She’s decided to go and stay with family in Arizona along with their baby in lieu of his arrest.

The Purge
THE PURGE — “Everything is Fine” Episode 202 — Pictured: Paola Nunez as Esme Carmona — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network) /


Our little security worker Esme has one of the most intriguing storylines this season as she follows the threads left behind by her friend’s murder. It looks like she’s on the path to some kind of conspiracy. Esme is still obsessing over the video footage, enough so that it’s impacting her job performance. She deletes the video from her work computer but not before downloading a copy for herself.

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Esme goes to her friend’s home to investigate what may have gotten her killed. After some clever exploration in which she uses the video’s audio to mimic sounds in her home, she finds a trick step. Inside is a manila envelope containing brain scans and a recording device. The device appears to have a therapy session where a woman admits she’s obsessively fantasizing about violence.


Poor Ben. He returns to his fraternity house much to the happiness of his girlfriend Kelly. His friend Turner doesn’t look nearly as pleased that he’s returned. Maybe because he completely abandoned him.

Needless to say, after the trauma Ben experienced, he is not coping well at all. He appears to be running down a dark path. He obsessively draws the mask his assailant was wearing. He vents his frustrations in a virtual reality Purge simulator. He becomes moody and withdrawn. At the end of the episode, Ben returns to the scene of the crime and picks up the bloodied mask left behind.

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