Limetown recap: The disturbing truth about the pigs is revealed

Photo: Limetown.. Image Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch
Photo: Limetown.. Image Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch /

Limetown episodes 3 and 4 were released on Facebook today. Lia meets up with another survivor and learns the truth about the pigs in town.

Lia Haddock is led on a goose chase as she tries to find the next survivor only to meet up with someone far different from she anticipated. Her investigation into Limetown is generating interest from the higher-ups, such as the FBI. Lia comes face-to-face with an agent when she arrives at work. She’s disappointed that Lia will not reveal her sources.

Although the agent does make a fair point. Had Lia reached out to them ahead of time, they could have provided both her and the witness protection. That might have come in handy for the second survivor she meets, but let me not get too ahead of myself.

This week, Lia and Mark travel to a place called Rake, Wyoming. It is there they meet with a man named Lindsay Frost who is rumored to have started a fire that caused great turmoil there. Lia wants to figure out how that connects to Limetown.

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Taking her chances in Rake, Lia asks around at the local church about the fire. No one is willing to talk about it. At night, she masturbates in her motel room while listening to Mark breathing. I honestly don’t know what to make of that scene.

We know that Lia has a tendency to get sexually aroused by somewhat disturbing content, she listened to her and her girlfriend having sex on a recording before, but I am a little fuzzy on what the show is suggesting by including this moment.

Fast-forward to Lia and Mark arriving at Lindsay’s home, they find him on his deathbed with a Reverend by his side. Lia begins to question him about his time at Limetown but Lindsay is only interested in talking about the fire.

He gives her a horrific firsthand account of watching little girls burning up inside the barn. Supposedly, he didn’t start the fire, just watched it burn. After his confession, it becomes clear he doesn’t have anything to say about Limetown and Lia is rightfully furious that he made her listen to something so terrible.

Photo: Limetown.. Image Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch /

But it’s enough for Lindsay. After his admission, he tells the Reverend it’s time and dies. Again, the third episode was a little bit of a misnomer for me. I’m not entirely sure what the series was hoping to accomplish here. Episode four gets back on track when it is revealed the Reverend is the real survivor.

The Reverend watched over the pigs at Limetown. He grew attached to one he named Napolean. We learn that Limetown was conducting experiments to create a way for people to communicate mind-to-mind. Their initial experiments begin with human-to-pig communication. The Reverend and Napoleon are tested.

They forge a strong psychic bond. But then one day, a traumatic event occurs while the two are still sharing a mental link. Napoleon continues to suffer in the days and weeks that follow and the Reverend does too due to the link. Eventually he can no longer stand it and he is forced to kill Napoleon. It’s very disturbing to watch and well-acted.

Photo: Limetown.. Image Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch /

After, it becomes clear that the Rev is no longer of use to the people of Limetown as they put him on the back burner. He can still feel the death echo of Napoleon in his head. This episode dramatically changes the stakes of Limetown.

It might not seem that intense yet, but once you start imagining how these interactions would affect two humans together, it becomes much darker and gives you the impression we haven’t seen anything yet. Remember all those dead pigs we saw in the first episode? What if they were all connected to humans too?

At the end of the episode, Lia reveals that the Reverend was hit by a drunk driver a few days after his confession. She strongly implies that someone had him killed. No one involved with this investigation is safe.

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What did you think about the latest episodes of Limetown? Are you looking forward to seeing what happens next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

New episodes of Limetown premiere Wednesdays on Facebook Watch.