Ghost in the Graveyard adds some clever new twists to its horror premise

Photo: Ghost in the Graveyard.. Image Courtesy DarkCoast
Photo: Ghost in the Graveyard.. Image Courtesy DarkCoast /

Kelli Berglund stars in Ghost in the Graveyard as Sally Sullivan, a young girl who becomes haunted by something she witnessed in her past.

Did you ever play ghost in the graveyard as a kid? It was a great game to play outdoors during the summer months. There were several versions to play too but the primary objective was to have one person be the “ghost” and everyone else would attempt to find them. It was basically a creepy game of hide and seek.

Ghost in the Graveyard is a new thriller film where, as the title suggests, that little childhood game is twisted into a disturbing past time and a haunting ghost, both in the form of a physical manifestation and in memory.

Kelli Berglund (Now Apocalypse) stars as Sally Sullivan. She remains traumatized after witnessing the death of her friend Martha during a round of that fateful game when she was a child. It wasn’t just Sally who was playing with Martha.

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The other participants have aged into dramatic teens who want little to do with Sally. At least, until Martha begins to haunt all the girls that were involved.

Sally becomes increasingly entangled into the paranormal conspiracy and her father Charlie (Jake Busy, Stranger Things) is forced to go down the rabbit hole with her in the hopes to keep her safe.

If you’re a fan of ghost stories, Ghost in the Graveyard is a worthwhile flick for a rainy night in. Unfortunately, it’s not being released until right after Halloween. Still, it’ll certainly give you the chills.

That said, some aspects of the film become overcomplicated. Berglund and Busey are great in their respective roles and the scenes revolving specifically around the Sullivan family’s past and how it ties to their present are easily the best.

In terms of effects, the movie isn’t a spectacle but it offers enough startling moments and revelations to make you unsettled throughout its entirety. If you enjoy movies about complicated female friendships, it should also appeal to you. I was surprised by the depth of exploration between the film’s most pivotal relationships, whether platonic or antagonistic.

By the end of the movie, I admit I felt a little underwhelmed on the scares front. I still enjoyed the film as a whole and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy watch involving some freaky little ghosts and even some surprising satanic overtones.

Check out the official trailer for Ghost in the Graveyard below:

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Ghost in the Graveyard will be available to rent or buy on November 5.