Limetown Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8 recap: Who is Dierdre Wells?

Limetown -- Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch
Limetown -- Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch /
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Limetown — Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch /

As the first season of Limetown begins winding down, the series delivers some of its most shocking twists and surprises yet.

All I can say about Season 1, Episode 8 of Limetown, is: Wow. I was not expecting things to end the way they did between Lia and Mark. Please do not continue reading if you haven’t seen the latest episodes of Limetown yet! I assume you wouldn’t be reading a recap if you haven’t, but trust me, this week is something that shouldn’t be spoiled for you.

When we last saw Mark and Lia, they were listening to the death of Doctor Max Finlayson over the phone. Max’s death has thoroughly rattled Mark and the general public. The news broadcasts the tragedy, alarming many people who had relatives in Limetown.

One woman’s desperate plea goes viral. She begs Lia to stay away from her brother. She would rather never see him again than have his life put at risk.

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Her sentiment rattles Mark further. He wasn’t prepared for the amount of backlash they would receive, and he is fundamentally against Lia’s continuation of the radio show. Mark and Lia come to an agreement that Lia will stop.

But then Lia is contacted by Max’s wife, Dierdre Wells. Dierdre claims she was responsible for the Limetown “Panic.” It’s too juicy of a lead for her to turn down.

Once Mark finds this out, he threatens to ruin everything for Lia by blowing the lid off her report and reporting her to the public radio. Lia can’t risk that happening. She spent 15 years of her life working on this project. There was no way she would let Mark tear it all down.

Limetown — Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch /

The two get into a physical scuffle over Mark’s phone. Lia shoves him too hard, and he falls, hitting his head on the corner of a counter. As he lays bleeding out on the floor, dying, Lia panics and does the only thing she can.

She covers up the death with her scent. Lia makes it look like she and Mark spent the night together to explain away her DNA. She even leaves a voicemail before heading to the airport to meet Dierdre.

This episode deals heavily with the moral quandary surrounding Lia as a character and her podcast. Some part of her does feel wrong for continuing her investigation even though people are dying. Is it right? Is she a bad person?

Limetown doesn’t answer those questions for us, preferring to let the audience decide that for themselves. Episode 8 does an even better job of exploring the darkness of Lia’s psyche. Jessica Biel has given a riveting performance in this role and created a truly compelling character.