Limetown Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8 recap: Who is Dierdre Wells?

Limetown -- Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch
Limetown -- Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch /
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Limetown — Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch /

If you thought Episode 7 was heavy then I hope you braced yourself before watching Episode 8. We finally get to meet Max’s wife, Dierdre Wells (played by the fabulous Marlee Matlin). She reveals the truth about what happened at Limetown that lead to The Panic.

Unfortunately, to secure the interview, Lia has to sell Dierdre out to the FBI after Mark informed them of Lia’s upcoming visit, his last deed before his untimely death. Also, as I mentioned before, we learn more about how far Lia would go to get to the heart of Limetown.

“I’d kill for it, and I would die for it.” She admits in one of her recordings. Given what happened to Mark, I’d say she already has. The question is, will she come clean about everything she has done to get to the truth?

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As for Dierdre, she tells Lia more about the implant technology than any other survivor was able to. Dierdre did not initially get the tech even though her husband did. She began to feel isolated from him and a divide formed in Limetown between the people with tech and the “Old School” citizens who were refused.

Initially, the “Old School” would meet up and hang out together. They formed their own community away from the others who did not need to speak to communicate. However, due to Max’s connections to the people running Limetown, Dierdre was eventually supplied with the tech.

She explains how it caused a schism in her marriage. All their vulnerabilities and thoughts merely bounced between the two of them. They felt a growing sense of unease due to the friction between classes. It’s a story we’ve all heard before, the upper-class and the lower-class. That is essentially what the division of tech-users and non-users created in Limetown.

Limetown — Courtesy Ricardo Hubbs / Facebook Watch /

The tipping point came when Dierdre showed up at a meeting between the Old Schools. The leader, Spencer, who had invited Dierdre to the group, to begin with, realizes she has the implant. Once Dierdre is caught, it causes tensions to rise. She is labeled a traitor. Eventually, a riot breaks out, and the Old Schools allow their rage to transform into violent desires, thus giving way to The Panic.

People with the tech were forced to listen to each other suffering, dying, and begging for their life. Dierdre describes hearing and feeling Oscar burning to death at the end. It’s no wonder many of the survivors disappeared. They were all scarred by the trauma of not only watching their friends die but feeling them die too.

Dierdre discusses a moment with the tech where she felt safe, as if transported despite the turmoil. Something happened that let her reunite with Max once again. It would be the last time she ever saw him.

After she wraps up her story, the FBI breaks into Dierdre’s house. The woman realizes that Lia has betrayed her trust. Before she can go, Lia manages to find out that “The Man They Were All There For” was not Oscar, as was initially thought, but her uncle, Emile Haddock.

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The season finale of Limetown will air on Facebook Watch next Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET with both episodes 9 and 10 becoming available simultaneously.