The Purge: The 4 most intense moments from Season 2, Episode 5

THE PURGE -- "House of Mirrors" Episode 205 -- Pictured: Max Martini as Ryan Grant -- (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)
THE PURGE -- "House of Mirrors" Episode 205 -- Pictured: Max Martini as Ryan Grant -- (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network) /
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The Purge
THE PURGE — “House of Mirrors” Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r) Max Martini as Ryan Grant, Chelle Ramos as Sara Williams — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network) /

3. Ryan and his friends get arrested.

Ryan’s luck runs out. He and his crew plan a heist to break into a rich couple’s house who have a safe that will be on the plane come purge night. Their goal is to install the jammer on the safe so it will do most of their heavy-lifting. Doug gets compromised while watching the couple at the golf course and new recruit Carl gets his brains splattered all over a fancy painting in the couples’ living room as a result.

Once they realize there are intruders, Ryan and Sara wind up trapped inside due to lockdown. The only chance they have of getting out alive is calling in a favor with someone Ryan hates, his turncoat police officer frenemy. The last we see of the group, they’re in a stand-off with the blonde woman we saw from last week. It’ll be interesting to see how things proceed from this point forward.

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2. Esme finds a bug.

This week we get some flashbacks to Esme’s past. We learn that her sister was an addict that was frequently abused by their father. As a result, Esme gets her out of her living environment and takes care of her. She also makes her father pay for everything he’s done by leaving him to the wolves on purge night.

Esme stands behind locked doors while her father begs for her to show mercy and let him inside. He is killed by a group of purgers. Through flashback, we also learn that Dr. Adams was, at one point, working with Esme’s sister.

In present, Esme reunites with her sister and the two try to work together to get into the NFFA system. But her sister needs Esme in the building to do that. It looks like Ryan’s crew might not be the only one who has to plan a heist of some kind.

At the end of the episode, Esme finds a bug on her. Now she’s aware that the NFFA is probably onto her and her home is no longer safe.

1. Marcus discovers the name of the man trying to kill him.

After signing on to Ivory Road, Marcus finally gets a hit. To get the name he’s after, he’ll have to help a sketchy guy and his equally sketchy friends with some medical services on his kitchen table. When all is said and done, Marcus receives the name. Supposedly the man who put out a hit on him is “Sam Tucker.”

Michelle immediately reacts. She had an affair with Sam. So she was hiding something after all! Marcus believes Michelle and Sam might have wanted him purged together. But Michelle claims that’s not true, that she had no idea Sam would do something like this. I guess we’ll see if that’s true or not soon enough.

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