Frankenweenie, Hocus Pocus, and 10 spooky flicks to watch on Disney Plus right now!

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(Photo by Joel Fletcher/Online USA) Disney Plus
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Disney Plus released this week with a huge catalog, making it very easy to feel overwhelmed on choosing what to watch first. Fortunately, we have your back! Here are 10 spooky titles to stream on Disney Plus right now!

The long-awaited Disney Plus has finally been released! I was amazed at all of the titles that arrived in the day one catalog. From Out of the Vault films to Disney Channel Originals and everything in-between, Disney Plus has just about everything that you need.

On the first day of Disney Plus, I struggled at figuring out what I wanted to watch. There were so many choices, with so little time! It got to the point where I actually turned off the TV and chose to read a book instead.

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With a huge selection, it might be easy to feel overwhelmed. But if you’re anything like me, which I feel is safe to assume if you’re reading this post, then you tend to move to the direction of anything with spooky elements.

Fortunately, I spent the last couple of days with Disney Plus to find the perfect spooky movies to stream right now.

I’m only touching the surface with this list. Originally, I had far more and had to narrow it down to only ten. Hopefully, this will serve as a starting point for you!

Disney Plus is available right now for only $6.99/month and can be streamed on your browser, Apple and Android devices, Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, AmazonFire TV and Xbox One!