Use Me: 3 reasons to watch this new docu-thriller about a humiliatrix

Photo: Use Me.. Image Courtesy Gravitas Ventures
Photo: Use Me.. Image Courtesy Gravitas Ventures /

Use Me is a new docu-thriller created by Julian Shaw, who plays himself, and humiliatrix Ceara Lynch. Here are three reasons its a must-watch.

Have you ever heard of the term “humiliatrix?” If not, it’s okay, not many people have, that’s what the film Use Me is here to explain. Ceara Lynch is one of the most notable humiliatrixes on the web. She makes a living out of fulfilling male fantasies and generally berating, humiliating, and controlling them in an online setting. Lynch does not get naked, have sex, or even meet up with these men in real life.

Everything is conducted online. It’s similar to being a cam girl, but not quite. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out exactly what Lynch does at her job. She is the focus of the new documentary/thriller called Use Me from Gravitas Ventures.1428 Elm had the pleasure of screening an early copy of the movie, and I highly recommend anyone who enjoys thrillers to check it out.

Not only is it an intense and introspective psychological thriller in its own right, but it also functions as a documentary in some aspects. Julian Shaw, the film’s star and director, did an excellent job finding the tone and navigating through elements of both fact and fiction.

3. The combination of fact and fiction makes it extremely tense.

If you went into Use Me wholly blind and didn’t know ahead of time that some parts of the movie would be fiction, you will still be blown away by the documentary aspects of the story. It truly is a deep-dive into Ceara Lynch’s world and the effort she puts into her day-to-day life. Use Me is respectful of sex work, and it doesn’t negate Lynch’s work or make her appear like a traumatized victim of circumstance because that is not who she is.

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The way this story weaves between the real and the make-believe creates an intensely unnerving tale. You can’t always tell when what you see on-screen is truth or part of the story. I felt myself getting nervous and genuinely afraid for some of the “characters” (since even though they may play themselves, it’s a fictionalized version) because I didn’t know when that line between fact and fiction would blur.

2. The documentary portions are genuinely fascinating.

Last year Netflix released a new film called Cam. Use Me, and Cam have some similarities. They’re both thrillers about cam girls, although what Lynch does is something of a different animal than your traditional cam girl. Still, if you loved Cam, then you cannot miss out on Use Me. While Cam was fiction, it was written by a real camgirl. Use Me also has the input of a real humiliatrix, which makes it more dynamic and truthful than something a random person in Hollywood might write.

Use Me
Photo: Use Me.. Image Courtesy Gravitas Ventures /

Lynch is more than just a sexual fantasy for a lot of the men she performs for; she also serves as a therapist to many and genuinely helps some of her clients in their day-to-day lives. You’d be surprised how many testimonials and stories come from the many male customers that have enlisted Lynch’s services. It’s seriously fascinating stuff, and that’s before we even get into the genuine “thriller” portion of the film.

1. The film’s story is twisted and engrossing.

We’ve talked about the documentary and fact-telling portion of the film, but the elements of fiction are equally fantastic. You won’t be able to predict what direction the movie is going.

At one point, I thought I had the ending all figured out and then the movie threw a curveball at me. Before it was over, it threw at least three more! It’s compelling and well-paced. I honestly believe this is one of the best thrillers of the year.

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Use Me will be available on Blu-ray and through digital retailers on November 26. Stay tuned to 1428 Elm for an upcoming interview with the film’s director Julian Shaw!