Automation: A brand new AI takeover flick from DREAD

Gara Setian’s Sci-Fi feature debut Automation is considered a Robocop meets Office Space mash-up and we are totally here for it.

Automation is the newest Sci-Fi Thriller/Comedy coming at you from Epic Pictures and DREAD. An office building cuts out 90% of staff by replacing them with AI. It’s all fun and games until Auto, a prototype for the Automated Working Program discovers that it’ll be replaced by upgraded machinery. Now powered by revenge, Auto goes after the remaining group of office employees.

This idea of AI taking over and/or seeking revenge isn’t new to the big screen. Child’s Play (2019) features a technologically advanced Chucky who becomes self-aware and very murderous. Ex Machina shows an AI that outsmarts everyone and kills her creator before escaping into the world. In Blade Runner we are introduced to Roy’s replicants that just discovered their lifespan has been limited to four years and they want more.

Long story short, AI can be absolutely terrifying. And at this point, AI take-overs don’t seem as far-fetched of an idea as it once was. With all of the movies released embracing the subject, you’d think that we would have learned something but alas, self-driving vehicles and Sophia exists.

Gara Setian’s Automation might not be a new concept, however, I am excited to see the comedic route that he takes with it. On top of the action and thrill, it’s always fun to have some laughs to relieve some of the tension. This movie doesn’t seem like one that takes itself too seriously, but it does look like an awesome time.

Automation’s cast are no strangers to the horror industry. Fans of the genre may recognize quite a few faces like Parry Shen (Hatchet series), Elissa Dowling (The Black Room, We Are Still Here), and Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort).

For those interested in purchasing the Automation Blu-Ray, a ton of special features have been announced. Commentaries with the director, producer, and writer; deleted and alternate scenes; bloopers; behind the scenes featurette; bonus interviews; and building Auto are all apart of the goodies.

What are your thoughts on the trailer for Dread’s newest sci-fi/thriller? Are you going to check it out once it’s released? Let us know in the comments!

Automation will be opening in select cinemas on 11/29 and released on VOD/Blu-Ray on December 3rd! Pre-order Automation on Blu-Ray now!