V-Wars: Ian Somerhalder says ‘these vampires are not supernatural’

Photo: V Wars -- Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: V Wars -- Image Courtesy Netflix /

Ian Somerhalder recently spoke with Vogue Australia about his upcoming Netflix thriller series, V-Wars. He claims the vampires ‘are not supernatural.’

Ian Somerhalder will return to our television screens in just two short days on a new vampire television series called V-Wars. Somerhalder will play Doctor Luther Swann; a man tasked with finding the cure to a disease that turns people into vampire-like creatures.

For those who think this series sounds like The Vampire Diaries 2.0, you’re not alone. Many people have made jokes about the nature of V-Wars. Two of the main actors, Somerhalder and Laura Vandervoort, are coming from other supernatural shows. TVD for Somerhalder and Bitten in the case of Vandervoort.

However, during his latest interview with Vogue Australia, Somerhalder claims that he doesn’t mind that label. He’s proud of his work on The Vampire Diaries, and if people calling it that gets more viewers, then he’s all for it!

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As for the show itself, Somerhalder states that it’s different from other vampire series because “These vampires are not supernatural; rather they’re infected by disease discovered in the Arctic.”

The actor stated that he was excited to explore the multiple books in the original V-Wars series, along with the graphic novels. He also claims that the first season of the series will tackle relevant topics such as climate change and racism.

Somerhalder is a very outspoken humanitarian in his own life, so it’s not too surprising that he would be drawn to a series that explores those elements.

As for his character, Dr. Luther Swann, the V-Wars star expressed what he found so compelling about this new scientist persona versus his old charming bad boy vampire character.

"“Dr Swann’s superpowers are different—his superpower is that he’s a great father, a great scientist and a great husband.”"

He goes on to state that once we see more development from Swann, we’ll begin to realize he is a very “complex and conflicted man.”

If you get a chance to read the interview in full, it gives some more great insight into the upcoming series that should help tide you over for the next 48 hours. For those of you who are fans of The Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder also discusses his continued friendship with his former co-star, Paul Wesley.

The two are planning to launch a liquor company. Somerhalder states it was an idea that came to fruition while they were still filming The CW series. As for the rest of the cast? Somerhalder says they’re all still friends that keep in touch regularly.

"“We have a very special group, filled with lots of mutual respect and love which is not always common for a show that lasted as long as ours.”"

Check out the official trailer for V-Wars below:

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What do you think about Ian Somerhalder’s latest interview? Are you planning on watching V-Wars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The first season of V-Wars will be available to stream on December 5 on Netflix.