Trending Fear sneak peek: Season 1, Episode 1 top 3 moments

Photo: Adam Ellis, Jen Lewis, and Paul Bradford in Travel Channel's new original series Trending Fear.. Image Courtesy Travel Channel
Photo: Adam Ellis, Jen Lewis, and Paul Bradford in Travel Channel's new original series Trending Fear.. Image Courtesy Travel Channel /

Trending Fear is a new Travel Channel series premiering on Dec. 20. We were fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the first episode, “Evil Deliverance.” Here are our top 3 moments from this exciting paranormal production.

Trending Fear is a brand-new paranormal series from the producers of Strange World for Travel Channel. Adam Ellis, (the creator of the chilling, #DearDavid chronicles on Buzzfeed) and his friends, documentarian/researcher, Jen Lewis and ghost hunting expert, Paul Bradford team up to help people who are beleaguered by the spirits of the dead.

We had the pleasure of reviewing the premiere episode, “Evil Deliverance.” The first case for the trio of investigators takes place in Catherine Allen’s home in Franklinville, New Jersey. Her plight came to the attention of Ellis when her daughter Stephanie confessed online to the author that her mother was being haunted and attacked by a sinister spirit.

Adam empathized with Stephanie’s concerns since he had his own encounters with the supernatural in the form of an apparition of a little boy named David in his apartment. He and his team decide to tackle the assignment.

The show is a compelling watch and will keep you on the edge of your seats. Here are our top 3 nail biting moments from “Evil Deliverance.”

Vortex of Fear in the Basement

After talking with Catherine in their initial fact-finding meeting, Adam and Jen discover that a medium named Heather Storm, investigated the house. She had an encounter with Clarence, the former owner of the Allen home who she describes as being extremely “imposing.”

However, he wasn’t the only spirit present. His wife, Mary was there protecting Catherine because Clarence intended to do her harm.

The reason for all of this unwanted activity was the discovery of a portal in the most haunted area of the dwelling which was the basement. No one wanted to be in that location since it was clearly Clarence’s domain.

To make matters worse, he was also an entity that could get physical with the living. He pushed Catherine down the stairs and tormented her friend who was spending the night in the basement bedroom by punching him repeatedly.

Could the vortex also mean that potentially malevolent forces could enter the Allen home?

Get Out!

On the night that they investigated the Allen residence, Adam, Paul and Jen were preparing their equipment and set-ups when a light turns on in the basement by itself. Adam goes downstairs to check it out.

He concludes that since the lamp is not motion sensitive, something must have turned it on. After switching it off, he returns upstairs. Armed with an EMF detector and a Ghost Box, Jen and Adam descend into the basement to conduct an EVP session.

After Adam asks if Clarence is present, Jen notices that the EMF meter starts spiking. Adam returns to interrogating Clarence who informs the duo that he came through the portal and that he “woke them up.” Suddenly, the pair hear a loud bang right above the ceiling where Jen is sitting.

At that moment, we hear a disembodied voice tell Jen and Adam to “Get out!” Terrified, they rush out of the room.

Whose damn shop is this?!

During the second part of the investigation, Paul is monitoring Jen and Adam’s individual EVP sessions. While he is concentrating on his team members, he hears a masculine voice behind him. As clear as day we can hear something or someone say, “Whose damn shop is this?!”  Startled, he nearly jumps out of his skin.

Looking around the room, he has no idea where the voice came from. Spooked, he goes outside on the porch to check and see if someone is roaming around the premises. The night is quiet. What an unexpected jump scare moment!

Who or what uttered the phrase? Why is Paul being targeted?

The Verdict

Obviously, we don’t want to give too much away. Suffice it to say, in between the scares, you will find yourself being incredibly touched by the climactic ending. Trending Fear is a series that should be on the radar of every fan of the paranormal.

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Have you read Adam Ellis’ #DearDavid yet? Let us know if you will be watching Trending Fear in the comments.

Tune into Trending Fear on Travel Channel on Dec. 20 at 11 p.m. and be on the lookout for our upcoming interview with Paul Bradford.