Sing along, Scream along: Five toe-tapping horror musicals

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Horror Musicals

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Although musicals and horror don’t tend to go hand-in-hand, these five horror musicals are sure to have you singing (and screaming) along.

There’s nothing quite like a horror movie or tv show to keep you up at night, worried about the monster in your closet. And there’s also nothing like an ear worm caused by a toe-tapping show tune to keep you up at night. But, what if you could have both?

Good news: you can have your horror and sing along with it as well! Although horror musicals aren’t exactly common, there are enough of them out there to comprise a short list of recommended viewing.

5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This very unusual 1975 horror musical gem features Tim Curry at his luscious, cross-dressing best. He vamps around in fishnet stockings, seducing men and women alike, surrounded by the likes of Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick as Janet and Brad.

Based on the 1973 stage musical, Rocky Horror  featured performers from that production, including “Little Nell” Campbell (Columbia) and Patricia Quinn (Magenta). Jam-packed with glittery costumes and heavy innuendo, it was a loving parody of science fiction/horror B movies.

Originally, audience and critic reaction was not great, but that changed a year later, when fans started dressing in costume and interacting with the actors onscreen. Rocky Horror  became a cult phenomenon, and is the longest running release in film history.

The music is catchy too! Who among us has never attempted to do the Time Warp, or uttered the phrase “Dammit, Janet”? We really can’t discuss horror musicals without including Rocky Horror.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show can be streamed on several platforms, including Vudu and Amazon Prime.

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