Bruce Campbell goes to the mall with Kevin Smith in Mallrats 2?


Bruce Campbell expressed interest in playing the Milk Man in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats 2. As it turns out, the director wants the actor to appear as himself!

Bruce Campbell retweeted a Nerdist article about Kevin Smith revealing on Instagram that he is working on a sequel to his cult favorite, Mallrats. The actor displayed interest in playing the role of the Milk Man in Smith’s future endeavor.

For those of you that are fans of the 1995 flick, this would be quite the casting coup. Since Smith is fond of incorporating the world of popular culture into his films, Comic Con favorite Campbell would be a potentially cool addition to his cast.

Interestingly enough, the director responded to Bruce by letting him know that since Stan Lee is no longer with us, he would be very interested in having the actor play himself in the sequel. Since Brodie is a huge admirer of Evil Dead 2 and Ash Williams, this seems like a no brainer.

Of course, the internet went to DEFCON 1 status immediately. Which is understandable, however, before any of this can happen, if it does happen, quite a few things have to occur. Schedules have to align properly; scripts have to be written and re-written.

Smith will want to make sure that Mallrats 2 lives up to fans’ expectations. Since Campbell and the director have known each other for years, there is a possibility that this deal could come to fruition.

In the meantime, the latest incarnation of Evil Dead is in the mix with Bruce taking on a producer’s role and assisting with casting when pre-production starts. Which as of now, there is no information regarding this effort in IMDb Pro, as of yet. The actor did state that Raimi hoped to start filming this year.

As for Mallrats 2, we will wait and see what happens. This is definitely a story we will be keeping tabs on.

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