Dracula Recap: 5 Surprising Twists from The Dark Compass Episode

Photo: Dracula.. Image Courtesy Robert Viglasky/Netflix
Photo: Dracula.. Image Courtesy Robert Viglasky/Netflix /
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Dracula – Credit: Robert Viglasky
Dracula – Credit: Robert Viglasky /

Dracula’s episode 3, The Dark Compass with Claes Bang as Dracula provides an interesting deviation from Bram Stoker’s novel.

Netflix’s new original tv miniseries Dracula has detoured entirely off the map from previous Dracula movies as well as the novel itself.

Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat in “Blood Vessel” introduced some new characters, not even in the book. Of course, our immoral and wicked count quickly dispensed with them, but not before they blew up the ship. Dracula then sank to the bottom of the ocean, where he remained for 123 years, before walking onto a beach. Only to be met by helicopters with searchlights, people in suits armed to the hilt and Sister Agatha.

Whoa. We saw her die on the ship, and even if she did survive by some miracle, she wouldn’t have looked exactly the same 123 years later.

So, what other surprises are we in for with this episode? I’m still reeling from the fact the major character Jonathan Harker is dead, and now we are 123 years in the future? What other changes were made? Well, let’s go over the five crucial character changes from previous remakes and even the novel.

5. Sister Agatha’s Twin

Although there was a Van Helsing in the movies and books – Van Helsing was a man, and in season 1, “The Rules of the Beast,” Van Helsing was introduced to us as a nun. Now 123 years later, we see her twin on the beach. Actually, she is Zoe Van Helsing, Sister Agatha’s Great-Grand niece on her father’s side. As Sister Agatha is a nun and died on a burning ship, Zoe couldn’t possibly be directly descended from her, but they had to throw in that little tidbit anyways.

A Great-Grand Niece is definitely not in the movies or novel, but like her Great Aunt, Zoe wants to capture Dracula and study him much like a lab animal. Don’t think he’s going to be accommodating about that, but we give her an “E” for effort. Zoe works for the Jonathan Harker foundation set up by none other than Mina Murray back in 1897. There’s a picture of Harker hanging up on the wall and everything.