Dracula Recap: 5 Surprising Twists from The Dark Compass Episode

Photo: Dracula.. Image Courtesy Robert Viglasky/Netflix
Photo: Dracula.. Image Courtesy Robert Viglasky/Netflix /
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Photo: Dracula.. Image Courtesy Robert Viglasky/Netflix /

2. Frank Renfield

Frank Renfield (Mark Gatiss) in 1897 was an inmate at the asylum that Dr. Seward administered. Renfield eventually became one of Dracula’s lackey’s and was absolutely crazy, but he was so good at it. In today’s episode, he is a lawyer that works for the law firm, Dracula hired to purchase Carfax Abbey back in 1897. I guess the law firm is still in business in the future.

Dracula was captured by the Harker foundation and locked in a cage with an I-Pad, and in only a few short hours, he learned how to operate it. He skyscapes Renfield, who is his lackey in this time as well and arranges for Renfield to obtain his release. At Sunset, of course.

It didn’t take long for Dracula to realize even a Vampire has rights. Zoe was not thrilled with the idea of understanding a Vampire back onto the streets of London, but they couldn’t think up a reason to legally keep him either.

In Dracula’s swanky new townhouse, they discuss strategies about Dracula’s plan for world domination. This is a new concept. Renfield advised Dracula it would be best before he started dominating the world to investigate the Harker Foundation first. With his mind on turning the beautiful Lucy, he ignores the advice.

1. The Jonathan Harker Foundation

This mysterious foundation was set up by Mina Murray back in 1897. Since Harker didn’t die in the novel or the movies, this foundation is a big change from the movies and the novel. Now the ending of “The Dark Compass” had Dracula transporting Zoe into a dream while he drank her blood to give her a peaceful death. Earlier in the episode, it was revealed that she had cancer, and her blood would kill Dracula.

So, Dracula transported her to a beautiful dream, and they died in each other’s arms while dreaming together. Now they are both dead, right?

The ending was ambiguous at best, but smart. If the series didn’t do well, it would be a perfect ending. If the series did well, then the end left room for them to bring them both back. Remember, when Dracula took Lucy’s blood? She came back, and so would Zoe. When Dracula first took Zoe’s blood, it made him ill but didn’t kill him.

Why the Harker Foundation had mercenaries if they were simply into science, where the money is coming from, and who is behind the secretive foundation? This would be enough material for a second season.


Gatiss and Moffat ended season one with a dubious ending that will work as a finale to the series or inclusive enough that it could be used to introduce another season.  I loved this series, and I loved Claes Bang as Dracula. I would like to see a season two. Either way, Dracula was deliciously fun to watch.

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