Gretel & Hansel featurette: Inside Oz Perkins’ twisted fairy tale

Photo: Sophia Lillis stars in GRETEL & HANSEL.. Credit: Pat Redmond / Orion Pictures
Photo: Sophia Lillis stars in GRETEL & HANSEL.. Credit: Pat Redmond / Orion Pictures /

Gretel & Hansel isn’t what you expect. Find out why as we go behind the scenes of Oz Perkins’ twisted fairy tale in Orion Pictures’ featurette.

Gretel & Hansel is one of the most highly anticipated horror films of 2020 with good reason. Who doesn’t love the idea of an already dark fairy tale being turned upside down and made even more terrifying?

In a behind the scenes featurette from Orion Pictures, Oz Perkins discusses his approach to the foreboding Brothers Grimm classic. He sees his current venture as a portrait of lost innocence. Once Gretel & Hansel are cast out of their familiar home and having to fend for themselves, they are no longer children.

Alice Krige who plays the frightening cannibalistic witch, Holda, feels that Perkins has made his film, “Super real. A kind of magical reality.” The trailer definitely reinforces that idea by making us feel as if we are transported into another world and experiencing everything through Gretel & Hansel’s eyes.

While watching the featurette, we couldn’t help but think back to occult films from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Like The Witches and The Wicker Man where the lead characters were living a nightmare and they didn’t come to that realization until it was almost too late.

Of course, stylistically speaking, Gretel & Hansel also conjures up images of Robert Eggers’ The Witch with the way that Oz Perkins shot his film. The stark contrast between fire and darkness helps to reinforce the idea of being in a private hell that cannot be escaped.

Like Perkins states, “It isn’t what you expect.”

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Catch Gretel & Hansel in theaters everywhere starting Jan. 31. Don’t forget to follow the crumbs…if you dare.

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