Top 5 intriguing taglines for horror movies in 2020

Photo: BRAHMS: The Boy II.. Courtesy of STXfilms
Photo: BRAHMS: The Boy II.. Courtesy of STXfilms /
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4. Fantasy Island – February 14

I was surprised when I heard Blumhouse was producing a horror film based on a popular 70’s TV show. Sure, there are plenty of Boomer, Gen Xers, and even some elder Millennials that would have encountered the show at that generational nexus we call the early 80’s, but can it be argued that this show is still part of the cultural conversation?

Well, no. But that just might be the point. Now that it’s no longer common to quote Tattoo’s famous “Ze plane! Ze plane!” or Mr. Roarke’s “Smiles, everyone. Smiles!” director Jeff Wadlow has a chance to reinvent Fantasy Island largely free of judgment from fans of the original.

The tagline supports that theory by presenting itself in the form of a hashtag. This is a version of the story that takes the television show’s premise about an island where guests live out their fantasies to its logical (and horrific) conclusion for the new millennium.

Of course, there are two interpretations of the hashtag #NeverComingHome. There’s the positive reading that your vacation is so magical you’ve decided to forsake everything to stay in paradise. But there is also the more sinister version that hints at the idea that living out your fantasy could be more than you bargained for.

Since this is a Blumhouse production with a seasoned horror producer/director like Wadlow (Bates Motel, Truth or Dare, The Strain) behind the camera, we know which interpretation is more likely to be true.