Top 5 intriguing taglines for horror movies in 2020

Photo: BRAHMS: The Boy II.. Courtesy of STXfilms
Photo: BRAHMS: The Boy II.. Courtesy of STXfilms /
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3. Brahms: The Boy II – February 21

In The Boy, we were treated to a surprisingly effective story about a strange family, made up of a mommy, and a daddy, and a . . . doll, whose world is forever changed when a young woman is hired to care for their inanimate child.

Of course, things are never what they seem in films like these, and the young woman soon finds that the doll, Brahms, might be more than meets the eye.

Now, we’re getting a follow-up to that 2016 film with Brahms: The Boy II, and everything we need to know to get excited for the sequel is right there in the tagline: “He’s made a friend.”

But who has befriended whom? Judging from the trailer, good ‘ol Brahms was buried underground when the new family moved into the Heelshire estate. So it’s not like our favorite inanimate moppet was seeking out companionship.

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This time instead of being worried about Brahms, I might be worried for Brahms because there is something unsettling about Heelshire’s youngest resident, Jude (Christopher Convery).

With director William Brent Bell and writer Stacey Menear back in their respective roles for the sequel, fans of The Boy should be prepared for more of what they loved about the first film. My only hope is that this new film does so well that the duo keep expanding Brahms’ story into a massive creepy doll mythology.

It’s 2020, after all, and the world is ready for a new horror icon the likes of Freddy, Jason, or Michael. With his pale complexion and vacant eyes, Brahms might just fit the bill.

As Jude says in the trailer, “It’s fun to be scared sometimes, huh?” I couldn’t agree more.