Mindhunter has been placed on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ after two seasons on Netflix

Photo: Mindhunter: Season 2.. Courtesy Netflix
Photo: Mindhunter: Season 2.. Courtesy Netflix /

Sad news for fans of Netflix’s Mindhunter series, it looks like the show has been effectively canceled as the cast is released from their contracts.

Five months ago, season two of Mindhunter launched on Netflix. Since then, the streaming service has been very quiet about what the future holds for David Fincher’s show. Yesterday, Deadline reported that the series had effectively been canceled.

The cast members have been released from their contracts, and the series has moved to being on “indefinite hiatus.” Supposedly, Fincher wants to focus on other projects at the moment and doesn’t have the time to devote to the series. Instead of holding the cast in limbo, Netflix has let them go to pursue other work.

However, the official statement from Netflix claims that the show may not be permanently canceled if Fincher decides to come back to the project.

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According to Deadline, there were some issues behind the scenes with Fincher wanting a bigger budget for the series and not wanting to do another “lengthy location shoot,” as the show was filmed in Pittsburgh. Discussions between the director and the streaming service are currently ongoing.

For fans of the series, this doesn’t mean the book has closed on the serial killer show.

However, if it does eventually get taken off of hiatus, there is a good chance it will come back looking different than it did in its first two seasons.

If the show’s stars, like Jonathan Groff, are attached to other projects, then they may not be able to come back for a third season. It’s possible the series could get a spin-off, change casts, or even change the time period.

Something similar happened with Netflix’s other series, Narcos, which was extremely popular but then reset as Narcos: Mexico for its fourth season.

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The first two seasons of Mindhunter are now available to stream on Netflix.