5 Best Horror Remakes of the 2010s

Photo: Chucky and Gabriel Bateman in CHILDS PLAY / Orion Pictures
Photo: Chucky and Gabriel Bateman in CHILDS PLAY / Orion Pictures /
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Gabriel Bateman stars in CHILD’S PLAY – Photo Credit: Eric Milner – Courtesy of Orion Pictures /

Horror remakes have been around for years and years, and the 2020s look to continue that trend. While we’re waiting, here’s a look at 5 of the best that have come out of the past decade.

Although most remakes are initially met with criticism and derision, there are several that are actually pretty good. Even if some aren’t as decent, at least there’s always the potential that it’ll draw a younger audience to the originals. Of course, it’s this genre that’s mostly affected by the trend, and every sub-genre has fallen victim to it. I suppose the idea of Hollywood running out of original ideas is what puts the horror in horror remakes.

5. Child’s Play (2019)

I’ll admit, when Child’s Play was first announced, I was totally against it. Having recently watched it, I’ll gladly admit I was wrong. I love the original more, but this take feels much more psychologically intense. Technology malfunctioning and plotting against us feels like a possible reality. The cast and their characters are mostly likable, and Mark Hamill was the best casting decision to voice the antagonist. As far as horror remakes go, this is most definitely a high point.

The most refreshing aspect of this remake is that it doesn’t feel like an empty shell. Aside from some character names and the basic doll design, there’s not a trace of the original; granting itself a fresh start that works by relating to modern audiences and their knowledge of technology. Chucky’s different, but that’s primarily because Don Mancini is still crafting his own stories with the character. Provided the surviving cast and Bear McCreary all return, a sequel could be great.