5 Best Horror Remakes of the 2010s

Photo: Chucky and Gabriel Bateman in CHILDS PLAY / Orion Pictures
Photo: Chucky and Gabriel Bateman in CHILDS PLAY / Orion Pictures /
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4. The Crazies (2010)

The original George Romero film came out in the early 70s when the Vietnam War was still going on. While it did feature a slight bit of haunting social subtext, it wasn’t a critical success. Regardless, surely no one was surprised when a remake was announced. Starring Timothy Olyphant, The Crazies tells the story of a fictitious town in Iowa that’s undone by a virus that, once infected, turns the town’s population into killers.

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Filled with solid performances, terrific makeup effects, and a remarkably simple premise, The Crazies delivers on more than just the obligatory display of violence and gore.

Most interestingly, the subtle commentary of the original picture felt eerily relevant even in 2010. It’s noteworthy to mention that there’s a mid-credit scene that some don’t seem to be aware of.

3. Evil Dead (2013)

Surely you can imagine my surprise when my father agreed to see Evil Dead in theaters with me. It’s yet another one of those horror remakes I wasn’t initially on board with that I came to love. Fede Alvarez directed one helluva daring, intense and gory film that doesn’t seem to hold back. It’s difficult to think about the franchise without Bruce Campbell or Sam Raimi coming to mind, but the remake’s script is thoroughly entertaining and the cast is fantastic.

Jane Levy plays Mia, whose brother and a few friends all agree to help her through her drug addiction by spending time away in their family’s old cabin. Each scene is more intense than the last, but it never takes away from the unfolding story. It’s loud, violent and gory, and the acting adds to the intensity of the film. Like The Crazies, stay through the credits.