5 Best Horror Remakes of the 2010s

Photo: Chucky and Gabriel Bateman in CHILDS PLAY / Orion Pictures
Photo: Chucky and Gabriel Bateman in CHILDS PLAY / Orion Pictures /
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2. Maniac (2012)

Who knew Elijah Wood could play such a creepy character? Maniac is primarily shot from the point of view of the antagonist, but it’s done brilliantly. Adding to the sheer creepiness of its borderline voyeuristic vibe, the score composition simultaneously brings a sense of impending danger and synth-driven nostalgia sure to delight horror fans.

Whether you’re talking about the original or the remake, Maniac doesn’t really fit in with any other horror film or horror remakes. Both are effective, but what gives the remake an edge is the psychological aspect. The score is creepy, the thought of seeing through a killer’s eyes is uncomfortable and the dark, violent imagery is practically nauseating. It might not scare you, depending on how well you do with horror movies, but it’ll be tough getting it out of your head.

1. The Wolfman (2010)

Despite being a box office failure, The Wolfman beautifully captures the dark atmosphere and the character drama of the original, just with a new, gorier spin. If anything, this is precisely what Universal’s “Dark Universe” should have aspired to be. Was Benicio del Toro a solid choice for the lead role? Debatable. However he did a terrific job playing Lawrence Talbot, and the supporting roles were filled with memorable turns.

Yes, there’s some CGI, but the make-up effects Rick Baker created for the film is pretty close to the original’s design, but far more ferocious. As you recall, Universal has announced several remakes to their monster properties over the years. They were talking about remaking Creature from the Black Lagoon since the 1980s, all to no avail. The Wolfman was talked about since at least 2006, and production begins in 2008, two years before its theatrical release. I’m not quite sure why it bombed, but I assume it has something to do with how many times it was pushed back.

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There you have it: 5 of the best horror remakes from the 2010s. Of course, some are more worthy of praise than others, but the aforementioned films dared to be different enough not to rely on the reputation of their source material, all the while paying homage.

Which of these horror remakes have you seen, and what’s your take on them? Comment below and give us your thoughts.