Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell rock out in an 80’s video

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell did a rock video. Hard to believe but it’s true! The pair collaborated on Joe Blanton’s Royal Court of China: Half the Truth in 1989.

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have produced and directed several movies between them. The duo have also been involved in television series as well with their most recent endeavor being Ash vs Evil Dead.

However, did you know that Raimi directed a rock music video for the Tennessee based band, Royal Court of China? Campbell produced the track. Sounds hard to believe but it happened.

Here is a little bit of background info on the group. The lead singer, Joe Blanton was heavily influenced by Johnny Cash and punk music.

You might not think the two would go hand and hand but they sort of do. The Man in Black was always an outsider and rebel within the Nashville scene and punk is all about that.

Named after an idea that Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin had for a supergroup, Blanton and Company were doing their best to churn out some unique music. Originally, their sound had more of a country edge to it but after several turnovers within the band, they hit upon their inimitable sleaze metal sound that permeated their song, “Half the Truth.”

Of course, if you were in the music industry in the 80’s, videos were all the rage. Everyone had an MTV style production on hand. For RCOC, they called upon Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Face it, Raimi and Campbell have serious cred with metalheads because most love horror movies. So, if you are trying to craft a badass image, why not hire the guys that gave the world the Evil Dead franchise?

Pay close attention to the video for “Half the Truth.” Sam’s baby, the Delta 88 (or “The Classic”) gets some camera time.

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