Gretel & Hansel: Exclusive clip goes inside The Witch’s lair

Photo: Sophia Lillis stars in Gretel & Hansel.. Image Courtesy Patrick Redmond/Orion Pictures
Photo: Sophia Lillis stars in Gretel & Hansel.. Image Courtesy Patrick Redmond/Orion Pictures /

Gretel & Hansel will be released in theaters on Jan. 31. Orion Pictures gives us a sneak peek inside The Witch’s lair in an exclusive clip.

Gretel & Hansel will be opening in theaters on Jan. 31. Orion Pictures released an exclusive clip featuring a glimpse of The Witch’s (Alice Krige) secluded lair. Like Sophia Lillis (Gretel) states at the very beginning of the promo, “Something’s wrong here.”

As we are about to find out, nothing is what it seems. When Gretel and her brother Hansel (Sammy Leakey) approach the dark and foreboding A-Frame dwelling in the middle of the woods, there is a lone slide in the front yard. However, as Gretel astutely observes, there are no children around.

At this point in their existence, the pair are famished from wandering all over the forest. For those that aren’t familiar with this tale, the brother and sister are left to fend for themselves. Times are tough and their mother can’t afford to feed them. Rather than watch them die of starvation, she casts them out of their home.

Fractured logic at best but desperate times call for desperate measures. Of course, Hansel is captivated by the delicious smells that are emanating from The Witch’s house.

When Gretel peers inside, her eye widens as she stares at the sumptuous buffet of meats, desserts and other delights. Quick note, there is a clue about Gretel’s hidden abilities in that shot.

The way Oz Perkins has her eye framed; it definitely looks like the Illuminati symbol. Could this be a hint to the audience that Gretel may possess supernatural powers like The Witch?

Overcome with hunger and curiosity, Hansel climbs inside the abode to get an up close and personal look at all of the treats. What he doesn’t realize is that someone is watching him from the doorway.

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