Real life Star Trek incident: Man “transported” onto street

Star Trek technology may not be so far fetched. Apparently, a man was captured on CCTV appearing out of nowhere on a busy street. Is teleportation possible?

Star Trek first appeared on television sets across the world in 1966. The science fiction series was cancelled after 3 years but became a cult favorite thanks to syndication.

Even today, this show is influencing every facet of life from the cell phones that we use on a daily basis (which were inspired by the “Communicators” that the Enterprise crew members used to keep in touch with the ship) to NASA’s Orion spaceship which is built to take humans, “farther than they’ve ever gone before.” However, up until now, the notion of transporting people to other planets seemed like an impossible task.

Recently, The Daily Star reported on a CCTV capturing a man being teleported onto a busy street seemingly out of nowhere. What is interesting to note is that when he materializes, no one pays his sudden appearance any attention.

In reviewing the footage numerous times, it really looks like he came from another dimension or that he was beamed down from a UFO. As we all know, CCTV footage is subject to glitches and of course, creative editing.

While there is no means of transportation in sight like a car or bus, the momentary pause when he materializes leads one to believe that perhaps, a vehicle may have been edited out. Currently, teleportation is being worked on but it is only at the quantum level. As of yet, according to Open Mind, we have beamed photons 1,400 kilometers from our planet to the Micius satellite in our orbit.

Evidently, we are not ready to have Scotty beam us anywhere at this juncture or is it possible that the capability exists? Review the video below and draw your own conclusions.

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Do you think this is evidence of teleportation or merely a glitch in the CCTV system? Let us know in the comments.

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