Netflix’s Horse Girl: What is the new movie about?

Photo: Alison Brie in Horse Girl.. Photo courtesy of Netflix, Katrina Marcinowski
Photo: Alison Brie in Horse Girl.. Photo courtesy of Netflix, Katrina Marcinowski /

Horse Girl is an upcoming original Netflix film with a genre-bending premise that is rumored to deliver one of Alison Brie’s best performances yet.

When you consider watching a movie like Horse Girl, you might think it sounds like a classic indie drama, but Netflix‘s new original film starring Alison Brie is much more than that.

The upcoming film is a genre-bending flick that dissects mental illness in a unique and slightly sinister way. It follows a young “horse girl,” named Sarah (Brie) who enjoys nothing more than hanging out with her pet pony, working at the local craft store, and spending her nights binge-watching supernatural television shows.

At first, it seems like a somewhat normal, if not slightly quirky, film until Sarah begins experiencing dark dreams and strange visions. She begins to lose her grip on reality and starts to wonder if she could be channeling her dead grandmother who believed in things like alien abductions and more.

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Going off of the trailer, it appears that Sarah will give the people in her life quite a scare, including her co-worker, played by Molly Shannon.

Early reviews seem to feel that Brie gives an excellent performance but that the movie itself gets a little lost in its message. Either way, it looks like a unique experience and we’re looking forward to checking out this weekend.

The other thing to get excited about is the Duplass brother’s involvement. They gave us the Creep films which are fantastic horror movies in their own right. We can anticipate Horse Girl being memorable, that’s for sure.

Aside from Brie and Shannon, the movie also stars Debby Ryan, John Reynolds, John Ortiz, and Paul Reiser.

Check out the twisty trailer for the film below: 

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What do you think about the idea of Horse Girl? Are you planning to check out the film when it debuts on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Hose Girl begins streaming on Netflix this Friday.