Joe Hill’s mystery series Locke & Key opens with a bang on Netflix

LOCKE & KEY - Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix
LOCKE & KEY - Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix /

Locke and Key premiered on Netflix Friday, Feb.7, with mindblowing action in the first scene of episode 1: Welcome to Matheson.

Joe Hill’s popular graphic novel series, Locke and Key adapted to a live-action TV series, is now available to stream on Netflix. All ten episodes are available for your viewing pleasure, and if you like magical mysteries, then you will love this show.

The series opens with a scene that leaves you with more questions than answers and pulls you in immediately. The first scene begins with a man carrying groceries arriving at his home. While unlocking the door, he gets a phone call with a mysterious message that Rendell Locke was dead. He pulls out a key and, after staring at it for a few moments, shoves it into his heart.

He bursts into flames, and the house explodes, then suddenly the scene flashes to a car driving down a road in Massachusetts.  Talk about an opening.

So right off the bat, you are wondering why the death of Rendell Locke would cause such a violent response. Meanwhile, his wife Nina (Darby Stanchfield) and his three children Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) are relocating to the ancestral home located in Matheson, Massachusetts.

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The idea is to renovate, then sell the inherited home called Key house. However, that raises a ton of questions in itself. Uncle Duncan (Aaron Ashmore), the caretaker of the home, never kept up with its maintenance, avoiding the mansion like the plague. He flipped the building off when he left.

It was revealed that Rendell didn’t like the house either and wanted the family to have nothing to do with the ancestral home. It makes you wonder why.

Flashbacks reveal that Rendell was shot in a confrontation with a kid named Sam Lesser (Thomas Mitchell Barnet). Lesser was carrying a gun when challenging Rendell to tell him everything he knew about Key house. While trying to diffuse the situation after Nina was shot in the leg, Rendell was shot and killed. Tyler was pounding on the outside door, and Kinsey was hiding with Bode upstairs as Lessor stalked them.

The youngest Bode seems to be more sensitive to Key house more so than the others because he makes contact with his echo (Laysla De Oliveira), who lives in a well. At first, it seems she is a friend, but he quickly learns that isn’t the case. She is only interested in the keys that Bode appears to have an affinity to. He finds the “Anywhere” key, which transports you to any place that you have knowledge of, and the “Mirror” key, which shows you a reflection of yourself.

The mirror key imprisons Nina in a place filled only with mirrors, and in exchange for the anywhere key, the echo will tell Bode how to rescue her. Except, she lied. Taking the key, she opens a doorway and disappears.

The episode ends with the siblings worried about their mother as she is acting like being inside the mirror never happened. Lesser gets visited in prison by “The Echo.”

Locke and Key lived up to its hype with the first episode. What is the mystery with Key house, and the even more mysterious echo? Who built the mansion and why? More importantly, what is with those keys?

I’m looking forward to the other episodes, and I’m hoping I will get some answers, but Netflix has a great new thrilling mystery in Locke and Key.

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All ten episodes of this thrilling new series are currently streaming. Let us know what you think about Locke and Key in the comments below.