Noomi Rapace is inspired casting in Joe Lansdale’s The Thicket

Noomi Rapace, Charlie Plummer and Sophia Lillis have signed on to appear in the movie adaptation of Joe Lansdale’s novel, The Thicket.

Noomi Rapace is known for her appearances in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. However, the Swedish actress first came to prominence in the original version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo playing the punky, tech savvy whiz, Lisabeth Salander.

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Rapace would be joining Peter Dinklage, Charlie Plummer and Sophia Lillis in the screen adaptation of the award winning Joe Lansdale novel, The Thicket. Rapace is going to play the vicious killer, Cut Throat Bill. It is a bold move for the casting department to gender flip this character.

In the book, after the murder of his grandfather, a young man named Jack Parker (Charlie Plummer) sets out to rescue his kidnapped sister, Lula (Sophia Lillis) from Cut Throat’s gang. He forms a posse of his own with Shorty, who is a bounty hunter (Peter Dinklage), former slave Eustace and street wise, woman for hire, Jimmie Sue.

The entire plot feels like Joe Lansdale throwing his unique spin onto the classic John Ford western, The Searchers which is why we can’t wait for this effort to hit the silver screenWhile it is common place these days to cast women in roles originally written for men and sometimes, vice versa, Lansdale had this to say about the decision on his Twitter feed:

“I think Noomi playing a female Cut Throat Bill is inspired casting.”

Personally, we think that Rapace is going to nail this character. She showed her tenacious and tough side in Prometheus as Elizabeth Shaw. Elisabeth Salander is another strong woman that fights back and sometimes in a violent way.

Chris Kelley is penning the script adaptation of The Thicket with Elliott Lester at the helm.

Are you a fan of Noomi Rapace’s work? Have you read Joe Lansdale’s The Thicket? What do you think about the casting? Let us know in the comments.