Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot revs up with The Dig directors

Leatherface (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)
Leatherface (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images) /

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot revs up as The Dig’s Ryan and Andy Tohill are tapped to helm the Fede Alvarez and Legendary production.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most revered and iconic horror films of all time that paved the way for other classic efforts like Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead. The debauched chronicles of the Sawyer family gave millions of genre fans nightmares for decades.

In Sept. of 2019, it was announced that Legendary acquired the rights to the franchise and that Fede Alvarez was on board as the producer of the reboot.  Yesterday in an exclusive with Variety, Legendary reported that they had locked in Ryan and Andy Tohill to helm their production.

The Tohill brothers directed the Irish thriller, The Dig about a convict named Ronan Callahan who is released from prison after serving his time for a murder. He returns home hoping to move on. However, he finds that his victim’s father won’t let him be until he decides to help him dig to find his daughter’s body.

After that darkly intense story, it isn’t surprising that the duo would be tapped for the latest incarnation of Tobe Hooper’s franchise. What drew Alvarez to consider the pair was their “violent, exciting and depraved” vision.

Which sounds like it will align with most fan’s expectations. Who better to propel this version of Leatherface and his kin than Fede Alvarez? His 2013 reimagining of Evil Dead with Jane Levy was full of the blood and gore that Raimi franchise admirers know and love.

At present, no plot details have been revealed. That’s not surprising considering it is still early on in the process. What we do know is that Chris Thomas Devlin is penning the script.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as it is released.

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