Bruce Campbell gives everyone an update on the new Evil Dead film


Bruce Campbell was at Fan Expo Vancouver this past weekend. During his Q & A panel, he gave fans an update on when production might start on the new Evil Dead movie.

Bruce Campbell appeared at Fan Expo Vancouver this past weekend. The actor has been a convention favorite for decades and a crowd pleaser.

Of course, he held one of his famous Q & A panels which was absolutely hilarious. In between fielding questions and recounting amusing anecdotes about his career, invariably he was asked about whether or not he would do an Evil Dead sequel.

While he was adamant that he wouldn’t be reprising Ash, he reiterated that there would be another installment in the franchise. However, Campbell, who will be a producer and assist with casting, proceeded to give an update on the time table of when this could happen.

Since Sam Raimi has been in the news for being in talks to direct the MCU’s Dr. Strange 2, the focus has been temporarily off of the proposed new installment of Evil Dead. For followers of the beloved horror franchise, there was some concern that it would be placed on the backburner.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. According to Bruce:

"“We’re producing more Evil Dead movies. Maybe one later this year. Sam Raimi’s hand picked the next guy to make another creepy Evil Dead film. It just won’t have Ash. There are more stories to tell.”"

It looks like production of the new Deadite saga might start toward the end of this year. Which could possibly mean that we may see a new Evil Dead movie in 2021. If all goes well, of course.

When asked what’s next for him, the actor responded with, “This is the year of writing, developing and pitching.” We already know that he has a political satire script for him and Ted Raimi completed that he would love to see come to fruition. So, would we!

To see Bruce’s segment at Fan Expo Vancouver, go to 6:26.

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You can catch the actor this summer at the Britt Festival in Ashland, Oregon. For ticket information, click here or visit He will also be voicing the character of Shep in Netflix’s The Last Kids on Earth which will return to the network in the very near future.

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