Project Blue Book recap S02 E05: The Men in Black revealed

Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek in HISTORY’s “Project Blue Book.” "The Men in Black" airs February 18 at 10 PM ET/PT. Photo by Eduardo Araquel Copyright 2020
Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek in HISTORY’s “Project Blue Book.” "The Men in Black" airs February 18 at 10 PM ET/PT. Photo by Eduardo Araquel Copyright 2020 /

Project Blue Book finally delved into the origin story of the mysterious shadow group known as The Men in Black. Hynek learned the identity of “Unseen” (The Man in the Hat) while Dan Banks and Quinn forged a bond.

Project Blue Book is consistently providing us with well-written scripts. This week’s compelling episode, “The Men in Black” featured several noteworthy callbacks to Season 1 along with the origin story of the mysterious shadow group.

Finally, we learn more about Hynek’s informant, the elusive “Unseen” (a.k.a. The Man in the Hat). While a bond is forged between Dan Banks and Quinn as they search for the kidnapped Professor. Mimi becomes an ally and an important resource for the team.

Let’s recap by looking at three prominent moments from the show. There will be spoilers ahead so proceed with caution.

Maury Island Incident

Ufologists know that the Maury Island Incident was important because it was the first account of the secretive group known as The Men in Black. They would magically appear after UFO sightings and threaten eyewitnesses if they disclosed any information about what they had seen.

After “Unseen” abducts Hynek, he takes him on an excursion to Washington state to convince Ernest Reed, (the fisherman who reported flying saucers over his boat in 1947) to take them to the encounter site.

“Unseen” believes that they may find more slag deposits from the alien craft which could prove the existence of extraterrestrials. When they arrive at Ernest’s house, he is terrified and reluctant to speak with Hynek and The Man with the Hat because he thinks they are with the Air Force.

Reed is adamant that he didn’t have a UFO encounter and that it was a hoax. Hynek convinces him that they aren’t part of the military and all they need from him is the location of his boat on the day the alien crafts materialized.

Ernest gives them the coordinates to the spot. Once Hynek and “Unseen” arrive at their destination, two divers head underwater to see if they can find any more deposits. As it turns out, they do but one of them is lost in the process due to a turbulent uprising which could have been caused by the fragments.

It is then that “Unseen” discloses to Hynek the reason why he wants the materials. They are the key components in the classified object that the professor stole for him that helped him find the obelisk in Antarctica at the end of Season 1.

Unseen’s Identity Is Revealed

The revelation of Unseen’s identity is imparted in an interesting way. It is done in back to back scenes with Dan Banks giving Quinn the rundown on who he is and where he came from and “Unseen” recounting his story to Hynek.

What we find out is that his name is William and he was from the MK-Ultra project. He was a gifted remote viewer and intuitive but he was dangerous. When he went rogue, he took several other participants with him.

William tells Hynek that he knew when the UFOs were flying over Washington, DC because he is an “antennae.” He can communicate with the aliens just like those World War II vets from Season 1.

The former MK-Ultra test subject believes that because of Hynek’s esteemed reputation if he tells people that extraterrestrials are real and that they are visiting our planet, he will be believed. That is why he has aligned himself with the Professor so that the truth can be made available to the public.

The CIA Is Investigating Project Blue Book

After Hynek is recovered by Quinn and Banks, he joins Mimi and his partner at Wright-Patterson. Their reunion is cut short when the Generals Harding and Valentine suddenly appear.

They aren’t alone either. Several officers are hauling in boxes of case files. Of course, Quinn and Hynek question what is happening.

Apparently, someone at the CIA is conducting an investigation on the project. Harding and Valentine want the duo to study the files from the preceding projects, Sign and Grudge to make certain that everything is in order. If not, it could mean the end of Blue Book.

This particular revelation came as a surprise. Dan has proven himself to Quinn and Hynek. He appears to be their ally and is willing to assist them when they need it but is he really on their side?

We already know the Generals fired the first shot in their “war” against the CIA so that they could have job security. That has backfired on them. So, if it isn’t Dan requesting the inquiry, who is behind it?

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Project Blue Book airs on the History Channel, Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

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