Bruce Campbell: His ideal ending to the Evil Dead franchise


Bruce Campbell appeared on Underground History Live on Jefferson Public Radio earlier this month where he divulged how he would end the Evil Dead franchise.

Bruce Campbell was the featured guest on Underground History Live on Jefferson Public Radio. The program is hosted by Geoffrey Riley and Chelsea Rose (Southern Oregon University’s Laboratory of Anthropology) and is based out of Ashland, OR. JPR also services the surrounding areas and the Shasta Cascade region of northern California.

The actor was headlining the show which focused on Hollywood’s treatment of historical events or in some cases, the way it embellishes them. After all, Bruce does have some background playing prominent figures from the past like Ronald Reagan and the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

At the end of the entertaining session, Campbell was asked this interesting question from a fan in the audience. “If you could go back and not take a role, which role would that be?”

The spectators got more than they bargained for because Bruce gave his ideal version of how he would end the Evil Dead franchise. No, he wouldn’t kill off his iconic character, Ash Williams, so followers of the trilogy can rest easy. His answer is almost Pulp Fiction like in that the ending of the film would go back to the beginning.

Confused on how that would work? Campbell explains:

"“I want Ash to go back in time & land in the car right when they’re about to make the turn to the cabin the first time. Someone would say, ‘Hey. Let’s go to the store first.’ And they just don’t take that turn. That’s how I would end it.”"

He does admit that it would be very unsatisfying since it would appear as if the entire weekend at the cursed cabin in the woods never happened. Would it be as if the Deadites were just part of a very horrifying nightmare?

To listen to Bruce’s remarks on Evil Dead, start at the 41:29 mark.

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