Bruce Campbell spills on “House Divided” political satire film


Bruce Campbell revealed the plot for his “House Divided” political satire film yesterday on Underground History Live. Here is what we know so far…

Bruce Campbell spoke to us last year about the political satire film that he was working on in our exclusive interview with him. At the time, he was finishing the second draft of his script and in the process of prepping it to pitch.

However, in a recent appearance on Jefferson Public Radio’s, Underground History Live, the actor divulged the plot and the title for his venture that he hopes to get the greenlight for in the future. The reveal was in response to a fan’s question during the taping of the JPR show in Ashland, Oregon.

What we know so far is that the actor has named his potential production, House Divided. He hopes to film on location in eastern Oregon and he even has a co-star in mind, none other than his good friend, Ted Raimi.

We would love to see the pair on screen again especially in a comedy. From Bruce’s description, the premise for House Divided sounds hilarious and takes shots at both political parties.

The story centers on two candidates who are running for county commissioner. Campbell likens one to Sean Hannity and the other politico to the poet, Allen Ginsberg. Judging from those character profiles, we are thinking Bruce is definitely a “Hannity type” where Raimi would be perfect to play a hippie, grass roots kind of contender for public office.

In his scenario, the duo takes a Boy Scout challenge to spend a weekend together in the Oregon wilderness. This would involve the two men co-existing and cooperating with one another. The idea would be that their combined knowledge would help make them better personalities and more adept at serving their respective communities.

Of course, this isn’t going to work out and in Campbell’s words, “It all goes to hell in a hand basket.” We are also thinking that he will probably end up sitting in the director’s chair for this effort as well.

It has been a while since the actor helmed a film. Let’s hope House Divided attracts a buyer and that the next bit of news we hear is that it is going into production in the near future.

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