Women in horror: 8 Women-directed films that you can stream right now

Photo: Revenge.. Image Courtesy Shudder
Photo: Revenge.. Image Courtesy Shudder /
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5. Revenge (2018)

  • Directed by: Coralie Fargeat
  • Watch it on: Shudder

Revenge takes on the horror sub-genre by introducing us to Jen. As with many movies of this kind (think I Spit On Your Grave), our main character is an unfortunate victim of rape. However, the tables turn, and Jen soon gets her revenge.

Revenge becomes a chase in the woods film when the men behind the rape realize that their plan at killing her didn’t work. As they start to search for her, Jen is lurking around and executing her revenge. Although the subject matter is tough, it’s hard not to be entranced by Coralie Fargeat’s film. Especially while you root for Jen.

4. Honeymoon (2014)

  • Directed by: Leigh Janiak
  • Watch it on: Shudder, Hulu

Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones fame stars in Leigh Janiak’s film Honeymoon. It might feel like a slow burn as we get to know newlyweds, Paul and Bea; however, it’s this introduction to the characters that help Honeymoon’s plot pack a punch.

Things appear to be going great during their lake-country honeymoon, but when Paul finds a sleep-walking Bea wandering the woods at night, things take a turn for the worse. Over the next few days, things seem amiss with Bea. She starts to forget basic tasks, such as making coffee; yet, she states that she’s fine.

Honeymoon contains a lot of disturbing scenes and an unexpected ending. What starts as a happy beginning to their future disintegrates alongside Bea.