Project Blue Book: 5 crazy facts about Skinwalker Ranch

Project Blue Book airs its seventh episode this Tuesday on Travel Channel. Before viewing Curse of the Skinwalker here are 5 crazy facts that you need to know about Skinwalker Ranch.

Project Blue Book has covered several controversial and famous UFO encounters this season. On Tuesday, Dr. Hynek and Captain Quinn will journey to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah to investigate strange phenomenon.

Since the 18th century, this piece of land located in Ballard, Utah, has been a hotbed of numerous paranormal activities ranging from ghostly encounters to sightings of extraterrestrial crafts. Before Episode 7 airs, we decided to compile 5 crazy facts about this location that we think viewers should know.

1776: Inexplicable Lights

According to, in 1776, an expedition led by missionary, Silvestre Vélez de Escalante broke camp for the night on the land where the current ranch is set. The party was startled when “fireballs” suddenly appeared over their heads.

Their mission was fraught with harrowing experiences over unknown and sometimes treacherous terrain. Winters were harsh and the explorers almost didn’t make it back to Santa Fe alive when they encountered a freak storm. As the legend goes, they had to eat most of their horses to survive.

1905: Alien Encounter

The Locke family had a very special guest arrive on their property. What was interesting about him was his garb. On the outside, he was dressed in the garments of a 20th century man but apparently, they could see a “dazzling blue” jumpsuit peeking out from beneath his clothing.

This encounter was passed down from generation to generation because it is believed that the odd being came to deliver a warning about the land. He gave the Lockes express instructions on where to dig and not to dig on their homestead.

1930: First Cattle Mutilation Reported

Unfortunately for ranchers in the southwestern areas of the United States, particularly in the “Four Corners” region, cattle mutilations are not uncommon. In 1930, Christopher Locke reported the first incident on the ranch.

Because of the nature of what is done to the cows, (their eyes, tongues and sexual organs are removed) some Ufologists believe that they are being experimented on by aliens. Blood is never found and the operations are performed with surgical precision.

Some investigators of this phenomenon claim that the procedures are done with lasers. After the extraterrestrials are finished with the bodies, they toss them out of their crafts to the ground below.

1967: UFO “Flap” (Multiple Sightings) Occurs

UFO sightings started to become prevalent around Skinwalker Ranch in the 1950’s. However, the activity accelerated into the following decade. Some locals have even claimed to have been abducted by aliens.

Because of the location of the property which is close to the Ute reservation, this may also be another reason for the visitations. Much of Native American folklore revolves around the “Star People.” These are the ancestors of various tribes that descended to Earth from the heavens to impart their knowledge to humans thereby assisting them in their development as a species.

What is a Skinwalker?

A Skinwalker is a Navajo witch and should never to be confused with a Shaman. These individuals are said to have the power to transform into other creatures like wolves, foxes, coyotes and in some case eagles.

They have malevolent intent and can also possess people. “Eyewitness” accounts liken these beings to werewolves. Particularly around the ranch, many wolf-like entities have been seen.

Join Hynek and Quinn as they delve into the mysteries surrounding Skinwalker Ranch on this week’s episode of Project Blue Book. Tune in Tuesday at 10 p.m. on the History Channel.

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