Real life Jason Voorhees chases people with hatchet in Canada

A real-life Jason Voorhees wielding a hatchet terrorized people in Canada over the weekend.

A real-life Jason Voorhees terrorized a group of people in Canada over the weekend. According to Global News, the incident occurred on Feb. 28 when Greg Keller and his friends were walking back to their place of employment after having lunch.

The group passed by the Lighthouse Supported Living facility when Greg noticed something peculiar. A man standing in front of the building with a hatchet. Instead of even being remotely curious, Keller and his co-workers took off running almost immediately.

Following suit, the ax wielding maniac chased them down like a slasher in an 80’s movie. This bizarre situation took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Apparently, the hatchet lover was triggered when a couple of individuals in Keller’s group looked at him.

Luckily, Greg was able to give his wannabe assailant the slip by hiding out behind the courthouse. Temporarily obscured, he dialed the police. One can only imagine how frightening the sight must have been for people in surrounding businesses to see a madman running around the downtown area armed like Jack Torrance in The Shining.

By the time law enforcement arrived on the scene, Jason Voorhees went back to the Supported Living building to seek refuge. Officers managed to find his location when they saw his weapon of choice on the ground.

Needless to say, no one was injured physically but mentally, that is another story. Greg Keller was a little traumatized. As for the crazed aggressor, he is facing charges of “assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a weapon dangerous to the public peace and a breach of a court order.”

If not for the quick thinking of Keller, this could have easily ended up being a tragedy.

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