American Horror Story: Could Season 10 be about aliens?

American Horror Story revealed a creepy, new poster courtesy of Ryan Murphy on Instagram. Could Season 10 be about alien abduction? Here is our theory…

American Horror Story gave us another tease yesterday when Ryan Murphy dropped the Season 10 poster on Instagram. On Feb. 26, the creator released a video of the ocean while Orville Peck’s haunting country ballad, “Dead of Night” played in the background.

We know that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson have rejoined the cast and Macaulay Culkin will be making his debut on the series. The surf is definitely going to be part of the storyline but exactly how does it fit in?

What is interesting about the Season 10 poster is the pair of hands in the foreground. Is the person climbing a cliff? Why would they be doing that? Could a UFO have anything to do with it?

Now, before you think we are crazy, here us out. There was some speculation last year, that the focus in 2020 might be on aliens. Yes, you read that correctly. ALIENS.

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Things are beginning to wash up on shore…

A post shared by Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy) on Mar 10, 2020 at 11:15am PDT

In an interview with Deadline, Murphy talked about flirting with space and extraterrestrials. In Season 2, AHS: Asylum, aliens abducted some of the residents of Briarcliff Manor. For those viewers that remember, Kit Walker was one of their subjects played by Evan Peters.

Lily Rabe (who portrayed Sister Mary Eunice McKee) and Sarah Paulson (Lana Winters) were also featured that year. Both of them are part of the cast for Season 10.

We all know that it isn’t outside of the realm of possibility based on Apocalypse to have some of the same characters show up again. Plus, there was a crossover from Murder House and Coven that happened too.

Another clue about the plot of Season 10 might be derived from the lyrics of “Dead of Night” from the teaser trailer.

“The sun goes down, another dreamless night
You’re right by my side
You wake me up, you say it’s time to ride
In the dead of night
Strange canyon road, strange look in your eyes
You shut them as we fly, as we fly…”

Perhaps, they refer to being abducted in the dead of night, ending up on a strange canyon road, missing time, a strange look in your eyes because you can’t recall what happened to you. We can speculate all we want but, in the end, only Ryan Murphy knows and we will have to wait until the fall for answers…

What are your theories on American Horror Story Season 10? Let us know in the comments.