Sacrilege: Could you face your deepest and darkest fears?

Sacrilege is the first offering from Bad Blood Films that poses the question could you face your deepest fears or would they ultimately kill you?

Sacrilege is Bad Blood Films first foray into horror. This UK company has designs on giving Hammer Films and Blumhouse a run for their money. Why not? Someone has to give it a whirl.

In a world where the genre seems to be infiltrated by copious remakes, reboots and reimaginings, maybe its time to get back to independent efforts. Which is exactly what Sacrilege aims to do.

For those cinephiles that enjoyed The Ritual and Ari Aster’s Midsommar, you might want to check this production out. What happens to four friends who want to get away from it all for a weekend may make you think twice about taking a vacation to a remote location.

Kayla (Tamaryn Payne), Trish (Emily Wyatt), Blake (Sian Abrahams) and Stacey (Naomi Willows) just want to relax, hang by the pool and enjoy each other’s company at their rented cottage in the forest. Sounds pretty normal, right?

However, then they meet the handsome and charming Vinnie (Jon Glasglow) who offers to take them on an experience that they will never forget.

What’s not to like about Pagan rituals during the Solstice? Everyone is having a good time, smoking weed, drinking tons of alcohol and just being free. Well, there is a little bit more to this particular gathering in the woods.

Father Saxon (Ian Champion) and Mrs. March (Emma Spurgin Hussey) have some very specific plans for the four friends. They intend to sacrifice them to their Goddess but not before they find out what their personal fears are so that they can be used against them.

Kayla was raped so she is frightened of her attacker while Trish has to contend with severe OCD. Meanwhile, Stacey is a successful internet model who worries about her looks fading and Blake is distrustful of canines. Of course, we can just imagine what facing their inner demons will entail.

Are they successful in combating their personal qualms or will it get the best of them and result in their deaths? Sacrilege is awaiting a release date in the US.

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