Project Blue Book S02 E09 recap: Broken Arrow or Hynek saves the world

L-R: Caspar Phillipson as Senator John F. Kennedy, Michael Malarkey as Captain Michael Quinn, and Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek in HISTORY’s “Project Blue Book.” “Broken Arrow” airs March 17 at 10 PM ET/PT. Photo by Eduardo Araquel
L-R: Caspar Phillipson as Senator John F. Kennedy, Michael Malarkey as Captain Michael Quinn, and Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek in HISTORY’s “Project Blue Book.” “Broken Arrow” airs March 17 at 10 PM ET/PT. Photo by Eduardo Araquel /

Project Blue Book focuses on the aftermath of Susie’s revelation as a Russian spy. As the fate of Hynek and Quinn’s partnership hangs in the balance, the duo takes off for Canada to investigate a collision between a plane and a UFO.

Project Blue Book is in a precarious position. Since Susie revealed herself as a Russian spy, Quinn has fallen under scrutiny with Generals Harding and Valentine. After a life of service, the Captain is placed on administrative leave.

While he is sinking into depression, Hynek appears with a new case. A UFO supposedly collided with a plane in Canadian airspace. The pair take off to the Great White North to investigate. What they find isn’t a craft from another world. Instead, they discover a potential threat that is closer to home.

Here are our three important moments from “Broken Arrow”:

UFO Downs Plane Invading Canadian Airspace

The episode begins when a mysterious plane is flying over Canada. When they are contacted by military air traffic control, they refuse to identify themselves. However, what happens next is terrifying. They are being pursued by an object that is traveling at over 2,000 mph.

This encounter is tracked on radar but despite the warnings from the control tower, the aircraft and the UFO disappear from the screen. Because of the mysterious circumstances, Hynek and Quinn are called in to investigate.

What they find out is the plane climbed to 60,000 feet which was unheard of for a propeller craft. So, right away they know it wasn’t for pleasure, it could possibly be military.

Then the pair locate an eyewitness to the incident at a logging operation on Hartley Bay which is where they believe the crash occurred. When they talk to the employee, she recounts how the plane split in two after a “beam of light” passed through it.

Looking at a map, they figure out that the debris could be on Hawkesbury Island. So, they start their search for the craft there.

Hynek the Hero: How to Dismantle a Bomb

Hynek and Quinn locate one of the pilots who is passed out after parachuting to safety. When he awakens, he is clearly frantic and insists on finding his partner, which is understandable.

Once they are at the wreckage and determine that the co-pilot is a little banged up and has no life-threatening injuries, the way the two airmen are acting isn’t normal. Right off the bat, Quinn can see that it is a military plane of some sort.

Already on high alert, while Hynek questions the men to determine what they saw, the Captain goes snooping in the cockpit. He finds that there was a nuclear device on board. Which is why it is known as a “Broken Arrow.”

He cues Hynek into what is going on. Then when the pilots are confronted, they admit that they are Russians who were on a covert mission. They were carrying a bomb and trying to see how far they could get before being tracked on radar.

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Quinn is furious at having to deal with the Russians again, the situation gets tense when one of the soldiers pulls a gun on the pair. There is a scuffle and the Captain regains the upper hand by taking the firearm away from the pilot.

There is a serious problem at hand that requires immediate attention since the crash could have enabled the trigger on the bomb. It becomes of the utmost importance to locate the device. Once they do, Hynek steps up and volunteers to disable it with the help of the Russian co-pilot.

While this field work has been happening, Generals Harding and Valentine arrive at the Canadian Air Base. They debrief the head of the Air Force on the Russian plane and its cargo. Declaring all hands-on deck, teams are dispatched to find Quinn and Hynek as well as the nuclear device.

Things are touch and go but the Professor saves the day and the world by disarming the bomb. Since it didn’t contain Plutonium it wasn’t going to detonate anyway. The Canadian troops arrive and take the pilots into custody.

Once Hynek and Quinn return to the Base, they are met by the Generals who end up reinstating the Captain and the duo is back in business.

Senator Kennedy and the Discovery of an Unidentified Submerged Object

At the Project Blue Book offices at Wright Patterson, Senator Kennedy makes an appearance to ask for the team’s assistance. He explains that a triangle shaped craft was spotted trailing a Destroyer. However, this object emerged from the ocean and wasn’t seen in the sky.

It seemed inevitable that the series would introduce Unidentified Submerged Objects into the mix. USOs are typically UFOs that are able to travel underwater as well as in the air. They are usually described as being disc or cylindrical in shape.

Another item to note is now that Senator Kennedy is aware of Hynek and Quinn’s work this could mean that they have an ally in a position of power who might be able to assist them down the line.

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