Resident Evil 3 remake isn’t the Raccoon City we hoped for

Resident Evil 3. Image Courtesy Capcom
Resident Evil 3. Image Courtesy Capcom /
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resident evil 3 remake
Resident Evil 3. Image Courtesy Capcom /

It’s a Trick! Grab a Grenade!

We were very much spoiled with the remake of RE2 and the balance was extraordinary. The Resident Evil 3 remake is stunningly beautiful and the RE Engine did an incredible job of creating a portion of Raccoon City that is both colorful and decimated.

The zombie character models aren’t just repeats of the undead in the previous game and Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliviera are gorgeous. I will say they didn’t do a great job with the teeth and Jill looks like a pretty intense smoker, but can you blame her after the events of the first game?

I maintain my opinion that I am not a fan of the new model for Nemesis. While I like the explanation of his outfit, it’s those teeth that I just can’t grow to love. Speaking of Nemesis, holy cow. When they said that he would be a more intense enemy than Mr. Z, they weren’t joking.

For his size, he is incredibly fast and strong. Seeing him with his weapons was an intense feeling of nostalgia and I will be honest and say that I screamed every single time he burst through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man. There was one moment in the beginning when I thought I was a sly fox by running up the fire escape to avoid Nemesis on the ground.

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All of a sudden he comes zooming around the corner on the fire escape like he was the bus in Speed and scared the hell out of me. He gets considerably less scary the more he mutates, but in the beginning stages he was terrifying.

If we want to talk terrifying monsters, then we need to talk about the Hunters. We finally get to see the remade Hunter models and they suuuuck, but in a good way. I found the Hunters to be the most difficult enemies in the entire game: worse than Nemesis, worse than Gammas and worse than the Pale Heads. They have this hard outer shell that are ammo sponges and if you are unlucky enough to come across one without your grenade launcher or a grenade, then good luck.

It’s really hard to pull together how I feel about the Resident Evil 3 remake. I both like it and dislike it. It’s both very Resident Evil and not quite Resident Evil enough.