Could Bruce Campbell challenge Doctor Strange in Sam Raimi’s sequel?

Bruce Campbell ponders if SOME character could challenge Doctor Strange. Sam Raimi might have the answer to that question…

Bruce Campbell isn’t a Marvel guy. Everyone knows that. Despite having appeared in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, being a superhero doesn’t hold any appeal for him.

He didn’t don the cape and tights or any costumes for his roles, instead playing a regular guy who just happened to give Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker a hard time. The Ring Announcer, Snooty Usher and the French Maître d’ were mere mortals.

However, last summer, the actor created quite the stir when he called out Martin Scorsese for stating that MCU films were not “cinema.” Which was fascinating because prior to that, in an interview with i09, he talked about wearing “really uncomfortable outfits” and “acting with tennis balls on sticks,” as the unappealing parts of being cast as a superhero.

Yesterday, his long-time friend, Sam Raimi confirmed that he would be directing Doctor Strange 2. This prompted Campbell to take to Twitter and ponder the following:

According to Variety, pre-production is being done remotely on Doctor Strange 2 and it is still on track to begin shooting in June. Provided the self-isolation edict due to the COVID-19 outbreak is lifted.

Benedict Cumberbatch is reprising his role as Doctor Stephen Strange. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong and Elizabeth Olsen will be joining him. 4Chan hinted that Cillian Murphy and Emma Watson were being considered for potential characters as well.

The rumor mill was also suggesting that both Bruce and Ted Raimi would be cast in cameos. Campbell fans are hoping that somehow, someway, Ash Williams will be thrown into the Doctor Strange universe. Which in our opinion, doesn’t even make sense.

It seems as if the actor is interested in making an appearance in Doctor Strange 2, which if it would happen, would mark the first time he and Raimi have worked together on camera since the Ash vs Evil Dead episode, “El Jefe.” We know they are behind the scenes on the new Evil Dead film as producers.

In our interview with Bruce, he confirmed that a first draft had been completed on that project. While we know he has quite a few things going on, if Sam were to offer him an intriguing cameo, maybe he would consider it.

Time will tell.

Besides Mysterio and Ash, who could Bruce Campbell play in Doctor Strange? Let us know in the comments.