Nick Wolfhard The Last Kids on Earth interview: Jack is the hero we need

Nick Wolfhard. Image Courtesy Paige Kindlick
Nick Wolfhard. Image Courtesy Paige Kindlick /
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Nick Wolfhard
The Last Kids on Earth. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Forging a Family

1428 Elm: When Thrull takes you under his wing, it is almost like he becomes the father that you never had. You and Keith David work so well together. Did you meet him prior to doing this series?

NW: God, I wish. No, I haven’t yet. I really want to. When I found out he was going to be involved, I geeked out because I love the Halo games. He is the Arbiter. In addition to The Thing, he was also in another John Carpenter film, They Live.

His vocal quality and his voice acting are so good. I hope to meet him one day. You know, I also worked on two separate projects with Mark Hamill and I haven’t met him yet, either. Hopefully, we all get to do a convention together eventually.

When you mentioned about Thrull being a father figure to Jack, that’s one of my favorite parts of this season because Thrull teaches Jack how to be a hero.

1428 Elm: Let’s talk about Jack and June. In Episode 7, June is depressed because she misses her family. Jack tries to do the right thing because he cares about her. So, he takes her to her house but it backfires. Do you think this is where June turns the corner and starts to see Jack in a different light?

NW: I think she’s realizing he’s trying to do the best he can. They are all in this together. He cares a lot about his friends because he’s never had a family and this is his opportunity to have one.

June’s backstory is one of my favorite episodes. It’s very dramatic and melancholy and highlights her as a person.