Nick Wolfhard The Last Kids on Earth interview: Jack is the hero we need

Nick Wolfhard. Image Courtesy Paige Kindlick
Nick Wolfhard. Image Courtesy Paige Kindlick /
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Nick Wolfhard
Nick Wolfhard. Image Courtesy Paige Kindlick /

Future Takeaways

1428 Elm: What we enjoy about this show is that kids are probably going to take away certain lessons from it whether they realize it or not. Would you agree?

NW: Absolutely. I think kids will take away real life messages.

1428 Elm: Always Darkest, is your penultimate episode. Jack has his heart ripped out by Thrull. He loses his faith and his exuberance. Do you think that experience helped your character become a better leader?

NW: I think, in my opinion, for any main character or a leader, they are always going to take away something from experiencing a really bad hardship. It could be a good takeaway or it could be a bad takeaway.

1428 Elm: What are some of the messages for young people in Book 2?

NW: Stick together, try to get along, you’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to have to learn from them…at the end of the day, if worse comes to worse, the best thing you can do is keep fighting.

1428 Elm: Tell us about the pilot you did for Adult Swim called Smiling Friends. You played a couple of characters and you also worked with your brother, Finn. What was that like?

NW: I got involved with Smiling Friends before I got involved with The Last Kids on Earth. I remember we had dinner with the creators, Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel. We were just talking but there wasn’t a solid idea of what the show would be.

We recorded it early last year, I played Graham Nelly who is Pim’s cousin and I also played one of the Blieblies which are the purple creatures that invade Smiling Friends Headquarters.

Finn also plays a guy in the HQ’s wall who is on the computer for some reason. Actually, you would never know it was him. That was the joke. It’s like when Ryan Reynolds shows up in A Million Ways to Die in the West.

1428 Elm: Have you heard whether the show has been picked up?

NW: I don’t know. It’s blowing up online like crazy. I would absolutely love to do more.

Thanks to Nick Wolfhard for spending time with us. Fingers crossed that The Last Kids on Earth gets a Book 3. Watch the series today on Netflix.

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