Exclusive: Ted Raimi invites us to take a wild ride on his Route 666 podcast


Ted Raimi has a brand-new podcast. Join him as he takes us on a wild ride on that dark stretch of road known as Route 666…

Ted Raimi may be self-isolating but he hasn’t been idle. Recently, he completed the short slasher film, Red Light which marks his first foray into producing.

This venture tells the tale of an insufferable twentysomething social media guru who is en route to a Halloween party with friends. Unfortunately, the group runs into two creepy brothers with a strict moral code. Let’s just say, it won’t be a night of debauchery and fun more like punishment and suffering for the unlucky youths.

Now, the Grim Fabulist and lone driver of his Chevy Impaler has a new project. He will be hosting a podcast called, Route 666. This is a perfect medium for the actor who happens to be a lover of spooky, vintage radio dramas.

Route 666 exists but it is now known as U.S. Route 491. The former “Devil’s Highway” is a 200-mile-long stretch of road that runs through, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

Of course, many supernatural events have occurred near this landmark such as sightings of Skinwalkers, Hell Hounds as well as haunted trucks and the ubiquitous lady in white. Perhaps what is most disturbing about the route is that travelers have disappeared never to be seen again.

Raimi’s podcast takes the name of that frightening stretch of asphalt and makes it his own by injecting a dash of horror mixed with a generous portion of The Twilight Zone. Some of the stories we can look forward to involve a tunnel at the end of the block that you wouldn’t go into, a ghost train and haunted hospitals.

Sounds like Ted’s production will be guaranteed to induce terrifying nightmares. We can’t wait to go on this wild ride with the actor. Remember to fasten your seatbelts before listening to the teaser below.

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Will you be taking the trip on Route 666 with Ted Raimi? Let us know what you think of the podcast teaser in the comments.