Shudder and self-isolate with The Last Drive-In and more in May

Blood Machines. Image Courtesy Shudder
Blood Machines. Image Courtesy Shudder /

As a full month of Stay at Home orders ends, and we step into the uncertainty of May, one thing is definite: Shudder is offering some more great additions to their horror streaming service.

Coming up on Shudder in May are the winner of Popcorn Frights “Scariest Film” award, more Joe Bob and Wolf Creek and the story of twins who suspect their mother is not quite who (or what) she seems to be. Let’s take a look at these additions, along with several others.

May 1:

  • The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs (Shudder Original Series) follows up their Chopping Mall and Bloodsucking Freaks double feature with two more TBA films. Join Joe Bob and Darcy the Mail Girl as they present drive-in features, peppered with commentary and behind the scenes info. Additional double features will air each Friday at 9:00 p.m.
  • Angst – What’s a psychopathic killer supposed to do when he is released from prison? Especially if he still has the urge to kill? I think you can guess where this is headed.
  • Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon – This mockumentary sounds fun and intriguing. Leslie Vernon aspires to be the next Jason, Freddy or Michael Myers, and he allows a journalist and camera men to document his preparations. Behind the Mask features appearances by horror actors such as Robert Englund and Kane Hodder.
  • Satan’s Slave – When a teen loses his mother, his grief leads him to a nightmarish world of evil. The 2018 Shudder Original Satan’s Slaves is a remake of this 1982 Indonesian film, directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra.
  • The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh – Julie Wardh is a socialite  receiving blackmail letters from a serial murderer, who she suspects is an ex-lover. This giallo was released in the US as Blade of the Ripper in 1971.
The Last Drive-In. Image Courtesy Shudder /

May 4:

  • Crave – Aiden day dreams about being a super hero who works to conquer evil. When he meets a woman who lives in his apartment building, he becomes more confident and works up the courage to turn his dreams into reality. But, he takes things a little too far and spirals out of control.
  • The Dybbuk – Based on Sholom Ansky’s play about a woman possessed by a malicious demon, this 1960 film stars Carol Lawrence and Vincent Gardenia.
  • Tenebrae – Dario Argento’s giallo tells the story of Peter Neal, a murder-mystery writer. When a serial killer begins to commit murders that appear to mirror those in Neal’s book, he gets caught up in the search for the killer. This film was apparently based on Argento’s life, during a time he was stalked by a fan.

May 7:

  • Z (Shudder Original)– This is the film mentioned above, which won the “Scariest Film” award from Popcorn Frights, as well as the Audience Award at the Calgary International Film Festival. Eight-year-old Joshua has an imaginary friend that he calls Z, and at first his parents play along. However, soon enough, the normally quiet Josh starts to get in trouble at school, and his mother sees something unexpected when Josh and Z interact at a playground.

May 11:

  • Devil’s Mile – A group of ex-cons working for a mob boss kidnap two young girls, and encounter supernatural events as they speed to deliver their captives. Devil’s Mile premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival in 2014.
  • Parasomnia – Danny visits his friend in the drug rehab ward of a hospital, and comes across Laura, who suffers from parasomnia. The disorder causes her to sleep almost all of the time, and she only wakes up for short periods of time. Danny discovers that Laura is about to be moved to a different clinic, and sets out to save her. Parasomnia features Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) and Sean Young.
  • Hellraiser – The story of everyone’s favorite evil sadists and their cursed puzzle box is featured this month. Based on Clive Barker’s novella The Hellbound Heart, the Hellraiser franchise now includes ten films.
  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II – The sequel to Hellraiser brings back Kirsty (Ashley Laurence), who has been taken to a psych ward. Only one person believes her horrific story, Dr. Chennard, who resurrects Julie (Clare Higgins). When he is led to the Cenobites, Kirsty is pulled along as well.
Monstrum. Image Courtesy Shudder /

May 14:

  • Monstrum (Shudder Original)– It’s bad enough that the plague has stricken our friends in the 16th century. But, just to add insult to injury, there are rumors of a horrible beast called Monstrum in the Mount Inwangsan area. King Junjong sets out with a group of brave souls in search of Monstrum.
  • Blood Machines (Shudder Original Experience) – This 1980’s inspired story is told in three parts. Two space hunters track down a machine, and they witness the ghost of a woman pull herself out of the machine. They chase the woman through space as a way to understand where she comes from.
Confessional. Image Courtesy Shudder /

May 18:

  • Goodnight Mommy – In this genuinely creepy and disturbing film, 9-year-old twins Elias and Lukas are understandably worried when their mother returns home after cosmetic surgery. Only her eyes and mouth are visible through the bandages, and she constantly ignores Lukas, while speaking to Elias. As the boys begin to suspect that the bandaged woman is not really their mother, those of us watching the film begin to wonder as well. This Austrian horror treat was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in the 2014 Academy Awards.
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer – Four friends cause a careless accident, in which a pedestrian is killed. Afraid of the consequences, the group disposes of the body, and promise to never tell anyone what happened. A year later, someone knows their secret and is seeking revenge. The cast of this fun flick includes Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Phillipe and Freddie Prinze, Jr.
  • The Dirties – Kevin Smith helped distribute this found-footage movie, in which Matt and Owen decide to make a film about students getting revenge on a gang of bullies. One of the boys decides to take their story into real life.

May 25:

  • Turbo Kid – In an alternate post-apocalyptic version of 1997, a teen comic fan known as The Kid befriends a young woman named Apple. As the two struggle to survive in “The Wasteland”, Apple is kidnapped by the tyrannical Zeus (Michael Ironside), and The Kid must rescue her.

May 28:

  • Confessional (Shudder Exclusive) – A group of college students are blackmailed after two deaths occur at their school. They are forced into a hidden confession booth, and made to tell the truth about the deaths.

Here’s hoping we don’t all have to spend another full month in self-isolation. But, if we do, at least we have plenty of intriguing movies and series to watch on Shudder.

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