Unearthed Evil Dead fan film: Sam, Bruce and Robert Make a Movie

Evil Dead is a horror classic that has inspired countless young artists over the years. Sam, Bruce and Robert Make a Movie is a fan concept film about the inception of a cult dynasty.

Evil Dead was made over 40 years ago and it still resonates with horror lovers to this day. Not only was it a pioneering film of sorts but the story behind the making of the production is legendary.

When Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi were growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan they were all about making Super-8 shorts with their friends. Taking their cues from The Three Stooges, most of what they produced were comedic in nature with tons of slapstick humor infused in every frame.

With titles like Inspector Clutz Saves the Day (1969)Pies & Guys (1971) and Corny Casanovas (1971) you could tell that you would probably be in for a rollicking good time. The pals continued making movies throughout high school before going their separate ways for a bit after graduation.

Raimi attended Michigan State University where he met his future business partner, Rob Tapert. After a summer stint with the Cherry County Playhouse, Campbell chose Western Michigan University only to drop out after six months.

Eventually, after driving cabs and working as production assistants, in January of 1979, Bruce, Sam and Rob crossed paths with one another again. It was at that time, the genesis of what would become the foundation of their entertainment careers took shape.

While everyone knows about the background of Evil Dead because of countless interviews with the principals, oddly enough no one ever thought of adapting the story behind the scenes into a feature film. Sure, documentaries have been done but the story of friends overcoming insurmountable odds at times to get their passion project off the ground is great dramatic fodder.

We stumbled upon a concept trailer on YouTube from Tyler Clifton for Sam, Bruce and Robert Make a Movie. Clifton envisioned at the time, Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson, Hunters) as Sam Raimi, Nat Wolff (The Stand 2020) as Bruce Campbell and Thomas Mann (Amityville: The Awakening) as Rob Tapert.

The execution is raw but the intention is noble. After all, behind the making of this cult classic is a story filled with heart. It’s the stuff of dreams.

You can stream Evil Dead on VUDU, iTunes, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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