No more Mr. Nice Guy: Kevin James is malevolent in Becky trailer

Kevin James is not The King of Queens in this dark thriller. In fact, he is down right menacing as a Neo Nazi in Becky.

Kevin James has always played the nice, if somewhat socially awkward schlubby guy. He’s made a career out of it from The King of Queens to Paul Blart: Mall Cop to the Grown-Ups series with his pal, Adam Sandler.

Now, in a 360 degree change of pace, the comedian flips a switch and is downright menacing in the upcoming dark thriller from Quiver Distribution and redbox.Entertainment, Becky. We have to tell you we were not prepared to see him sporting Swastika tattoos as a Neo Nazi prison inmate.

It is pretty uncomfortable to watch but that’s the point. Maybe he took a page from Sandler’s playbook after his success with Uncut Gems and decided to reinvent himself.

After all, Nicolas Cage did it by delving into the horror genre with such trippy hits as Mandy and Color Out of Space. James recently turned 55, so why not take a chance and try something out of his comfort zone?

In Becky, he escapes from prison with a few of his White Supremacist friends. Much like a Desperate Hours situation, he ends up taking a family hostage. Unfortunately, it would appear that he picked the wrong house.

Becky (Lulu Wilson) is a troubled teenager with anger issues. Trying to get used to her father’s (played by Joel McHale) new companion, she is having a rough go of it.

While James is terrorizing the occupants of the house, Becky is on the outside looking in after retreating to the woods after an argument with her father. She is also in possession of a mysterious key that James’ character so desperately wants.

What ensues is a game of cat and mouse with Becky going full on Rambo and taking on Kevin James and his gang. Will she be able to pull a John McClane in Die Hard? Check out the trailer.

Becky starring Kevin James opens on June 5 in theaters (check your state due to COVID-19), on digital and on demand.

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